Do We Need Watch Winders?


Find out why it makes sense to use a watch winder for your watches with automatic movement.

The watch winder was primarily designed to wind automatic watches so that they run even when they are not being worn. The winding of the movement is achieved by a gentle, smooth rotation. Depending on the watch model, a corresponding number of revolutions and directions of rotation must be observed. In order to ensure that the movement is wound gently, qualitative motors should be used to simulate the natural wearing of the watch on the wrist.

If you leave an automatic watch lying around, it will stop and may have to be time-consuming set (calendar, moon phases, etc.). In addition, there is the risk that the oil in the watch movement will become resinate and the watch will no longer work - an expensive repair would be the result.

Watch winders are not only practical helpers in daily life that increase handling comfort, but also offer intelligent functions and a stylish presentation for a man's “piece of jewellery” through elegant designs. With a high-quality watch winder, the daily ritual of wearing a watch becomes a special moment.

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