Pioneer for innovative technologies

Modalo Uhrenbeweger Inovativer Technologien

Pioneer for innovative technologies
With the MV3 watch winders, MODALO was the first manufacturer to equip the entire collections with a touch display back in 2014, thereby significantly modernizing and simplifying the operation, especially of the devices for several watches. Each individual watch holder was equipped with its own motor, which could be set individually for each watch.
In the past, the operation had to be done with complicated sliders or with many buttons on the winder, often only one motor was used for several watch holders, without allowing a separate setting for the watches. The consequences were such that the clocks were either not wound up sufficiently and stopped or there was a risk of wear due to excessive revolutions.
The integration of innovative components has changed a lot in terms of handling and ease of use, and other manufacturers have had to follow. Nowadays, watch winders offer a larger range of functions, which, like the current MODALO MV4 collection, can be easily set up via the touch display. Functions such as the individual programming of the individual motors, the high-speed winding - to wind up stopped clocks at short notice or the LED lighting, enable precise setting for each clockwork with significantly greater ease of use and the value retention of the watches.
Depending on the model and price range, other properties are offered, such as the resting phase in the 12 o'clock position (standard in the MV4 collections) or unlocking with a fingerprint instead of a key.

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