How do Watch Winders work?

Modalo Uhrenbeweger Meisterhafte Handwerkskunst

A watch winder winds the watch by rotating it by simulating the arm movement. A rotor in the clockwork mechanism is moved and transfers the torque to the winding mechanism via a spring - the watch runs and is ready for use.

Numerous useful functions offer additional convenience.

The speed winding offers the possibility to wind up a stopped watch at short notice so that it can be worn for the next occasion.

Thanks to the 12 o'clock position, the programs pause in the starting position and the clocks are always easy to read.

A well-equipped watch winder enables the individual setting of the TPD - turns per day specified by the manufacturer so that the movement is wound gently. Via an integrated touch display the watch winder can be programmed in steps of 50 between 650 - 1000 TPD, with left, right and alternating directions of rotation, thus covering the needs of all common automatic watches.

Watch winders with optional battery operation are also useful, depending on the number and weight of the watches, they can be operated for a period of 3 to 6 months, regardless of the power supply (e.g. for using the watch winder in a safe or vault).

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