Here you can find out which numbers of revolutions (TPD) and directions of rotation (DIR) are recommended for your watch

MODALO watch winders support the winding of all common watch brands - whether a Patek Philippe Nautilus, a Rolex Submariner Date or an Omega Speedmaster. For an optimal winding of the movement, the number of revolutions and the direction of rotation, according to the manufacturer's specifications, should be taken into account. On this page you will find a watch database with exact specifications, from which you can determine the precise settings for your watch model.

A. Lange
Watch ModelDirectionTurns
1815 automatic<> 
Anniversary Langematik<>500
Caliber L921.2 Sax-O-Mat<>500
Grand Langematics<>500
Long 1 Daymatic<> 
Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar<> 
Lange 1 Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar 2016<> 
Langematik with large date<> 
Langematik Perpetual<>500
Langematik with date<>500
Langematik without date<>500
Saxonia Automatic 2007<>500
Saxonia Automatic 2015<> 
Saxonia Big Ref.307026 2008<> 
Saxonia Dualtime 2010<> 
Saxonia Dualtime SIHH 2015<> 
Saxonia large date<> 
Saxonia annual calendar Ref.330/032<> 
Saxonia moon phase<> 
Saxonia Ref.315032 2008<> 
Saxonia Terra Brown<> 
Armand Nicolet
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Arc Royal Chronograph>800
Arc Royal Chronograph & Full Calendar>800
Arc Royal Day-Date<>650
Arc Royal Full Calendar A<>650
Arc Royal Full Calendar B<>650
Arc Royal Full Calendar C<>650
Arc Royal GMT & Power Reserve<>650
Arc Royal Pointer<>650
Arc Royal regulator<>650
Arc Royal Small Seconds<>650
Hunter Chronograph>800
Hunter Chronograph & Complete Calendar>800
Hunter Complete Calendar A<>650
Hunter Complete Calendar B<>650
Hunter Complete Calendar C<>650
Hunter GMT & Power Reserve<>650
Hunter regulator<>650
Hunter Small Seconds<>650
M02 Big Date & Small Seconds<>650
M02 Big Date and Chronograph<>650
M02 chronograph<>650
M02 Complete Calendar<>650
M02 date<>650
M02 Day & Date<>650
M03 chronograph<>650
M03 Chronograph and Date<>650
M03 ladies<>650
M03 Moon & Date<>650
M03 Small Seconds<>650
M03 Small Seconds and Date<>650
M05 Big Date & Small Seconds<>650
M05 chronograph<>650
S05 chronograph<>650
S05 Chronograph & Complete Calendar<>800
S05 Complete Calendar<>650
S05 Day & Date<>650
TL7 date<>650
TL7 Moon Phase & Date<>650
TM7 Big Date & Chronograph<>650
TM7 chronograph<>650
TM7 Complete Calendar<>650
TM7 Day & Date<>650
Audemars Piguet

Caliber 2329/2846<800Caliber 2329/2847<800

Watch modelDirectionTurns
Caliber 2120<>800
Caliber 2120/2801<>800
Caliber 2120/2802<>800
Caliber 2120/2802 SQ<>800
Caliber 2120/2803<>800
Caliber 2120/2804<>800
Caliber 2120/2808<>800
Caliber 2120/2808 SQ<>800
Caliber 2121<>800
Caliber 2122<>800
Caliber 2123<>800
Caliber 2124<>800
Caliber 2124/2810<>800
Caliber 2125<>800
Caliber 2126<>800
Caliber 2126/2839<>800
Caliber 2126/2840<>800
Caliber 2127<>800
Caliber 2127/2827<>800
Caliber 2129<>800
Caliber 2129/2845<>800
Caliber 2130<>800
Caliber 2131>800
Caliber 2140<>800
Caliber 2141<>800
Caliber 2141/2806<>800
Caliber 2150>650
Caliber 2151>650
Caliber 2224<>800
Caliber 2224/2725<>800
Caliber 2224/2811<>800
Caliber 2224/2814<>800
Caliber 2225<>800
Caliber 2226<>800
Caliber 2226/2839<>800
Caliber 2226/2840<>800
Caliber 2226/2841<>800
Caliber 2229<>800
Caliber 2229/2845<>800
Caliber 2324<800
Caliber 2324/2825<800
Caliber 2325<800
Caliber 2326<800
Caliber 2326/2840<800
Caliber 2326/2841<800
Caliber 2326/2847<800
Caliber 2326/2848<800
Caliber 2329<800
Caliber 2385>800
Caliber 2802<>650
Caliber 2811 (Base 2224)<>800
Caliber 2814 (Base 2224)<>800
Caliber 2840 (Base 2226)<>800
Caliber 2841 (Base 2226)<>800
Caliber 2846 (Base 2329)<800
Caliber 2870>820
Caliber 2875<>800
Caliber 2885<680
Caliber 2897<>650
Caliber 2950<>650
Caliber 3120<>650
Caliber 3123/3908<>650
Caliber 3124/3841<>650
Caliber 3126/3840<>650
Caliber 3130<>650
Caliber 4301<>650
Caliber 4401<>800
Chrono Lady Royal Oak Offshore>800
Code 11.59 Perpetual Calendar<>800
Edward Piguet Automatic<>650
Edward Piguet Cronograph<>650
Edward Piguet Perpetual Calendar<>650
Jules AUDEMARS<>650
Jules-AUDEMARS 30th Anniversaire<>650
Jules-AUDEMARS Automatique<>650
Jules AUDEMARS Chrono<>800
Jules AUDEMARS Date<>650
Jules-AUDEMARS Day Date<>800
Jules-AUDEMARS Day Date Moonphase<800
Jules-AUDEMARS Dual Time -2011<800
Jules-AUDEMARS Dual Time -2012<800
Jules-AUDEMARS Eqation du Temps<>650
Jules-AUDEMARS Extra Thin<>650
Jules AUDEMARS Globe<>650
Jules-AUDEMARS Gr Com>820
Jules-AUDEMARS Metropol<>650
Jules-AUDEMARS Perpetual Calendar 2010<>650
Jules-AUDEMARS Turbillon>820
Millenary 4101>820
Millenary Automatic>820
Millennial Black & White>800
Millenary Chronograph 2010>800
Millenary Ciel Etoile>800
Millenary Dual Time<>650
Millenary Dual Time Maserati<>650
Millenary Pianoforte<>650
Millennial Quincy Jones<>650
Millenary Star Wheel>800
Royal Oak 2009<>800
Royal Oak 2012 Cal.2385>800
Royal Oak 41mm 40 years Cal.3120<>650
Royal Oak Alin Pol<>650
Royal Oak Alinghi team<>650
Royal Oak Chrono<>650
Royal Oak Chrono Cal.2385>800
Royal Oak City/Sails<>650
Royal Oak Date<>650
Royal Oak Day-Date Moon Phase<>650
Royal Oak Dualtime<>650
Royal Oak Equation du temps<>650
Royal Oak Equation du temps 2010<>650
Royal Oak Extra Flat<>800
Royal Oak Extra flat 40 years 2121<>650
Royal Oak Grand Complication<>650
Royal Oak Grand Complication Ceramic<>650
Royal Oak annual calendar<>650
Royal Oak Lionel Messi Limited Edition 2012>800
Royal Oak Offsh.26400AU-00A002CA-01<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.26400RO-00-A002CA-01<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.26400SO-00-A002CA-01<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Arnold Schwarzenegger<800
Royal Oak Offsh.Chrono<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Chrono 42mm SIHH 2014<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Chrono Ceramic<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Chrono Lady<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Chrono SIHH 2014<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Diver Automatic<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Diver Black & White<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Diver Carbon<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Diver Ceramic<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Diver Orange<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Diver White<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Grand Complication<680
Royal Oak Offsh.Grand Prix 2010<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Grand Prix Singapore<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Jano Trulli<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Ladycat<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Michael Schumacher<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Mont<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Perpetual Chrono<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Selfwinding Turbillon<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Shaquille O Neal<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Survivor<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.Terminator 3<>650
Royal Oak Offsh.The Legacy 2011<>800
Royal Oak Offsh.Tourbillon Chrono Cal.2897<>650
Royal Oak PerCSQ<>650
Royal Oak Perp Calendar<>650
Royal Oak Perp Calendar 2120<>650
Royal Oak Quant Perpetual Calendar<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Base Mecha1 BMF<>650
Chrono Mecha1 BMF>800
Guage Mecha BMF<>650
Guage Mecha Gost Chrono>800
Regulator Retrograde Minutes<>650
Retrograde Minutes Jour et Nuit<>650
Roulette Game<>650
Round I Calendar Lefty<>650
Sp-I Roulette<>650
This Week Offer Bombardier V<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
GP40 l – OR>800
GP44 Automatic Chrono>800
MT-51/ 49 N Automatic Chrono>800
MTD-53/35N Automatic<>650
S-44 Automatic Chrono>800
SCR Racing>800
SCR-CN Racing>800
SCR CO Racing>800
V6 automatic<>650
V6-44 automatic<>650
V7 automatic<>650
V7-38 Automatic<>650
V8 Automatic Chrono>800
V8-44 Automatic Chrono>800
V9 Automatic Chrono<>650
V12 Automatic Chrono>800
V12-44 Automatic Chrono>800
V12-44 Automatic Chrono Gold>800
V14 Automatic Chrono>800
V14-44 Automatic Chrono>800
WL-44 OIR Automatic<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Beleganza Automatic Gent<>650
Beleganza Automatic Lady<>650
Madrigal Automatic Gent SL<>650
Madrigal Automatic Lady<>650
Baume & Mercier
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Baumatic Perpetual Calendar<>670
Capeland Automatic<>650
Capeland Chrono>800
Capeland Chrono 44mm>800
Capeland Chrono Blue Dial>800
Capeland Chrono Flyback Passiono Egadina>800
Capeland Chrono Ref.10006>800
Capeland Chrono Valjoux 7753>800
Capeland GMT alarm<>600
Capeland MOA10068>800
Capeland Reserve de marche<>650
Capeland S Automatic<>650
Capeland S Chronograph>800
Capeland Shelby Cobra 163 Allen Grant>800
Capeland Worldtimer<>650
Classima Dual Time<>650
Classima Executives<>650
Classima Executives Gold<>650
Classima Executives Gold Dualtime<>650
Classima Executives Gold GMT<>650
Classima Executives Gold Open<>650
Classima Executives Gold Reserve de Marche<>650
Classima Executives Magnum>800
Classima Executives Regulator<>650
Classima Executives William Baume<>650
Classima Executives XL<>650
Classima Executives XL Chronograph>800
Classima GMT<>650
Classima MOA8692>800
Classima SIHH2015 40mm<>650
Clifton Baumatic 2018<>650
Clifton Big Date SIHH 2015<>650
Clifton Club Burt Munro Chrono>800
Clifton Club Croatian Foodball<>650
Clifton Club SIHH 2017<>650
Clifton Club Shelby>800
Clifton Full Calendar 2015<>650
Clifton Full Calendar SIHH 2013<>650
Clifton Full Calendar SIHH 2016>800
Clifton GMT<>650
Clifton Perpetual Calendar 2016>800
Clifton Power Reserve 2015<>650
Clifton Retrograde SIHH 2014<>650
Hampton 1994-2009<>650
Hampton Automatic<>650
Hampton City Automatic<>650
Hampton City Chronograph XL<>650
Hampton Classic XL<>650
Hampton Magnum>800
Hampton Milleis Automatic>800
Hampton Spirit Automatic<>650
Hampton Spirit Calendar<>650
Hampton Spirit Chrono Flyback<>650
Hampton Square<>650
Hampton Square Large<>650
Hampton Square XL Business Class 2007<>650
Hampton XL Magnum<>650
Hampton XL Magnum GMT<>650
Hampton XL Magnum Worldtimer<>650
Hampton XXL>800
Promise 30mm<>650
Promise 34mm<>650
Riviera XL Diver<>650
Riviera XL Magnum>800
Riviera XXL Chrono Diver>800
Riviera XXL Chrono Diver Seaside>800
Riviera XXL Chronograph>800
Riviera XXL Magnum PVD Rose>800
William Baume Retrograde Second<>650
Bedat & CO.
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Bell & Ross
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Annual Big Date Chronograph<>650
Belgian Grand Prix>800
BR 01 altimeter<>650
BR 01 Horizon<>650
BR 01 Turn Coordinator<>650
BR 01-92 Airborne<>650
BR 01-92 Airspeed<>650
BR 01-92 Automatic 46mm<>650
BR 01-92 Gold Ingot Ltd. Ed.<>650
BR 01-92 Heading Indicator<>650
BR 01-93 GMT<>650
BR 01-94 Chronograph 46mm<>650
BR 01-96 Big Date<>650
BR 01-97 Climb<>650
BR 01-97 Power Reserve<>650
BR 02-92 Automatic 44mm<>650
BR 02-94 Chronograph 44mm<>650
BR 03-51 GMT<>650
BR 03-90 Reserve De Marche 42mm<>650-800
BR 03-92 Automatic<>650
BR 03-94 Chronograph 42mm<>650
BR 123 Heritage<> 
BR 126 Heritage<> 
BR Grand Minuteur> 
Classic BA, WA, BSA, WSA, TE>800
Classic Diver 300<>650
Classic Pilot>800
Classic Pilot 10th Anniversary Ltd. edition<>650
Classic Pilot Acrylic<>650
Classic Pilot Sapphire<>650
Desert Type 123<>650
Desert Type 126<>650
Diver 300<>650
Diver TE>800
Double Subdial Jumping Hour<>650
Edicion Limitada<>650
Geneva 123<>650
Geneva 126<>650
Grand Date Annual Calendar<>650
Grand Minuteur> 
Grand Prix>800
Jumping Hour Double Guichet<> 
Jumping Hour with Power Reserve<>650
Magellan IV>800
Medium automatic<>650
Military M1<800
Military M2>800
Military Type 123<>650
Military Type 126<>650
Mystery Diamond<>650
Pilot 10th Anniversary Chrono<>650
Pilot Acrylic Chronograph<>650
Pilot Sapphire Chronograph<>650
Space 1<800
Space 3 - Day / Date>800
Space 3 - GMT>800
Vasco De Gama<>650
Vintage 123<>650
Vintage 123 Jumping Hour Platinum<>650
Vintage 126<>650
Vintage 126 Beige<>650
Vintage 126 XL<>650
Vintage BR 126 Sport chronograph<>650
Vintage officer<>650
Vintage Officer Chrono<>650
Vintage original carbon<>650
WW1 Heure Sautante Pink Gold<>650
WW1 Regulator Pink Gold<>650
WW1 Reserve de Marche<>650
WW1 Vintage Guynemer<>650
Vintage WW1-90 Reserve De Marche & Grande Date<>650
Vintage WW1-92 Heritage<>650
Vintage WW1-96 Grande Date<>650
Vintage WW1-92 Military<>650
Vintage WW1-97 Reserve De Marche<>650
Vintage WWII regulator<>650-800
Watch modelDirectionTurns
0035 minute repeater>650
0036 Lady Minute Repeater>650
0062 Ultra Slim Ladybird>650
0062 Ultra Slim Women>650
0062 Ultra Slim Lady>650
0062 Ultra Slim Mens>650
0062 Ultra Slim Ske>650
0072 U-Sl s-sec Lady>650
0072 U-Sl s-sec Men>650
0088 Villeret Traditional Chinese Calendar>650
0095 Au Date Slim>650
0096 Jew-Ladies ES>650
0096 Ladies ES Vill>650
0225 Caroussel valance a minute>650
1151 Extra-Slim p-reserve>820
1158 Vil Ultra Slim>650
1161 2000 Ext Slim>650
1185 Chrono Villeret>800
1186 Chspl-sec Vil>800
1241 Leman Reveil GMT>800
1315 Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe>950
1335 Villeret>950
1315 Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe>950
1735 GC-Le-Br Tour>650
2041 Leman Alarm World>800
2086 Leman Split Seconds>800
2100 Aqual-Sport d>650
2101 S-Ver-100h pr>650
2102 Lad 2100 Leman>650
2125 2100 Sport Tour>650
2141 Alarm Watch LE>800
2150 Leman D-Date w>650
2150 Leman MYS 2005>650
2160 Leman DTZ GMT>650
2182 Leman AL Flyb>800
2185 Leman 2100 Chrono>800
2185 Leman 2100 S-Flyb>800
2189 Leman Tourbillon>800
2200 50th FF Diver>650
2200 Fifty Fathoms>650
2250 GMT Divers Watch>650
2285 2200 Air C Flyb>800
2360 Leman Moon Phase>650
2385 Ladies 2100 Cd>800
2485 F Flyback Chr>800
2585 2100 Per Cal>800
2585 F2100 Fly Chr>800
2653 2763 Watch HH>650
2685 Leman Perpetual Calendar>800
2763 2100 Sport Date moon phase Leman Moon Phase>650
2763 2100 Sport Date moon phase Leman Moon Phase>650
2825 Tourbillion Transparency>800
2825 Leman Tourbillion Grande Date>800
2825 Tourbillion Transparency>800
2835 Ladies 2100 Sport Flyback Chronograph date>800
2850 Leman Aqua Lung Big Date>650
2850 Leman Ultra Slim>650
2885 Leman Flyback Chronograph Big Date>650
2925 Leman Tourbillon Semanier>800
3553 Renaissance Date Watch with moon phase>650
3563 Calendar Moonphase and Leman Moon Phase>650
3638 Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel>800
4040 Ultra Slim Power Indicator>650
4053 Ultra-Slim and Villeret Ultra-Slim>650
4063 Spring Back Seconds and Villeret Ultra Slim>650
4082 Villeret Chronograph>800
4083 chronograph>800
4223 Flyback Chronograph>800
4238 Le Brassus: Equation Marchante>800
4246 Le Brassus Split Seconds Chrono>800
4276 GMT Moonphase / Le Brassus GMT>800
4277 Perpetual Calendar GMT Havana>800
4286 P Le Brassus Split Seconds Chrono Perpetual Calendar>800
4289 Le Brassus Tourbillon>800
4289 Split Seconds Flyback Chrono Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar>800
4795 Extra Slim date at 6 Clock>650
4796 Ladies Extra-Slim date at 6 Clock<650
5015 Fifty Fathoms>950
5015 Fifty Fathoms full calendar>950
5015A Fifty Fathoms three-hand watch>950
5015D Fifty Fathoms blue>950
5018 X Fathoms>950
5050 Fifty Fathoms Grande Date>950
5085 Fifty Fathoms Chronograph>950
5085FA Fifty Fathoms Flyback Chronograph>850
5085FB Fifty Fathoms Flyback Chronograph blue>850
5100 Bathyscaphe 38mm<650
5200 Fifty Fathoms Chrono Commitment to the ocean>850
5254 DF Villeret Timezone 30 Minutes Demi Savonette>820
5311 Perpetual Calendar Slim Mens and Ladies>650
5335 Minute Repeater with Perpetual Calendar>650
5395 Perpetual Calendar Slim>650
5453 Perpetual Calendar 100hour Power reserve>650
5495 Perpetual Calendar Slim>650
5585 Chronograph Perpetual Calendar Slim>800
5954 Villeret Quantieme Perpetuel<800
6025 Tourbillon Power Reserve Villeret Tourbillon>800
6035 Minute Repeater Villeret Minute Repeater>650
6036 Villeret carousel>540
6036 Villeret Minute Repeater>650
6037 Villeret Minute Repeater>650
6038 Villeret Equation Marchante>800
6056 Villeret Per Cal>650
6057 Villeret Perpetual Calendar<650
6086 Villeret Split Seconds Chrono>800
6102 Valentines Watch 2006>650
6185 Villeret Monopusher Chronograph>800
6222 Ultra Slim Automatic Villeret Ultra Slim>650
6223 Villeret Ultra Slim<650
6260 Villeret Ultra Slim>650
6263 Villeret Moon Phase>650
6395 Day-Date-Month Moon and Ladies Slim>650
6495 Day-Date-Month Moon Slim>650
6511 Day-Date-Month Moon extra flat>650
6553 Date Watch with moon phase 100hour power reserve>650
6553 Villeret Moon Phase>650
6595 Day-Date-Month Moon Slim>650
6604 Ladies Ultra Flat<650
6639 8 Jours full calendar>650
6651C Villeret Ultra Flat<650
6653Q Villeret Ultra Flat Retrograde Second<650
6654 Villeret Full Calendar>1000
6695 Day-Date-Month Slim>650
6763 Women Saint Valentin 2008>820
6850 Ultra Slim Double Window Date>650
6885 Chronograph Double Window Date>800
6885 Villeret Chronograph>800
69F9 L Evolution Carbon Chrono>850
7663 Q Villeret Ultra slim<650
8837 L-evolution Semainier Grande Date 8Jours>850
8866F L-evolution split-seconds chrono>850
9918B X-Fathoms>850
Air Command Concept>850
Aqual b-date Leman<900
Automatic 0095>650
Caliber 1150<650
Caliber 1151<650
Caliber 1153<650
Caliber 13R5>1080
Caliber 1161<650
Caliber 1163<650
Caliber 1185>850
Caliber 1186>850
Caliber 1241>850
Caliber 1188>850
Caliber 1241H>850
Caliber 1315>950
Caliber 1335>950
Caliber 13R5>1080
Caliber 1735>650
Caliber 23F9A>900
Caliber 225>550
Caliber 25<650
Caliber 25A>650
Caliber 33<650
Caliber 351>850
Caliber 356<650
Caliber 3638>850
Caliber 3725G>850
Caliber 3863>850
Caliber 3863A>850
Caliber 4053<650
Caliber 5025>550
Caliber 5215>950
Caliber 5453<650
Caliber 5A50<650
Caliber 5L60<650
Caliber 6.1>650
Caliber 6.15>650
Caliber 6395<800
Chrono 1185>850
Chrono 2100 2185>850
Chrono Flyb P-Calendar Leman>850
Chrono Flyback Rattrapante>820
Chrono Flyback Rattrapante Turbillon Le Brassus>850
Chrono Monaco Yacht Show>850
Chrono Monopoussoir Villeret>820
Chrono Perpetual Calendar 5585>850
Chrono Speed Command>850
Chrono Split-Secs 1186>850
Chronograph 2100 2585>850
Date 6553<650
Day-Date 6395>650
Day-Date 6495>650
Day-Date 6595>650
Day-Date 6511<>650
Day date 6695>650
F185 L-Evolution Super Trofeo Flyback Chrono>800
Levolution 8 days>820
Great Trefeo 2009>800
Turbillon Diamonds>820
Watch modelDirectionTurns
MEC Ltd. edition<>650
Round Sports Watches<>650
World Heritage Watch, Ltd. edition<800
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Amadeo 45 Chronograph Cambiano Pininfarino>800
Amadeo Fleurier 42 Jumping Hours>800
Amadeo Fleurier 42 Perpetual Calendar>800
Dimier Recital 2>800
Dimier Recital 3>800
Dimier Recital 4>800
Double Time Zone Orbis Mundi>800
Guilloche 42>800
Sportster 46 Saguaro>800
Sportster Chronograph>800
Sportster Midnight Blue>800
Watch modelDirectionTurns
1775 Classic 1775<500
3040 Classique “Serpentine” White Gold>500
3130 Classique w/Date, PR, Moon Phases>500
3135 Classique Skeleton w/Date, PR, Moon Phases>500
3137 Classique w/Date, PR, Moon Phases>500
3138 Classique w/Date, PR, Moon Phases>500
3310 Classique Perpetual Calendar and Moon Phase>500
3330 Classique w/Date, Day, Moon Phases>500
3337 Classique w/Date, Day, Moon Phases>500
3400 Marine Chronograph w/Date Cal & Subdials<>800
3460 Marine Chronograph w/Date Cal & Subdials>700
3470 Equation>500
3477 Classique Grande Complication>500
3515 Classique “La Tradition Breguet”<500
3600 Classic<>800
3660 Heritage w/Running Seconds<700
3661 Lady's Heritage w/Running Seconds<700
3670 Heritage w/Small Seconds>700
3680 Classique w/Date & PR Indicator<500
3700 Marine Hora Mundi<500
3787 Classique Perpetual Calendar<500
3800 Type XX Aeronavale Fly-Back Chronograph<>1000
3803 Type XX/Type XXI 100th Anniversary Ltd. edition<>1000
3810 Type XXI Fly-Back Chrono w/Date & Secs Subdial<>1000
3820 Type XX Transatlantique Flyback Chronograph<>1000
3860 Type XX Transatlantique w/Three-Way Alarm<>800
3880 Type XX/Type XX1<>1000
4400 Marine<>800
4820 Lady's Type XX Transatlantique Chronograph>800
4821 Lady's Type XX Transatlantique Chrono w/Dia>800
5135 Skeleton>500
5140 Classique w/Seconds Subdial>500
5157 Extra Thin Classique>500
5177 Classique w/Date<500
5178 Classique W/Date<500
5187 Classique w/Off Centered Chapter Ring<500
5197 Classique w/Date Calendar<500
5207 Classique Retrograde Small Secs & PR<500
5307 Classique Grande Complication w/Tourbillon<500
5317 Classique Grande Comp w/Tourbillon<500
5327 Classique Grande Comp w/Perp Cal, PR, Moon>500
5400 Heritage Chronograph w/Small Secs, 30 Min & 24 Hr Totalisers>800
5460 Heritage Chrono w/Small Seconds & Date>800
5461 Heritage Chrono w/Small Seconds & Date>800
5469 Heritage Chrono w/Small Seconds & Date>800
5480 Heritage w/Large Date & Small Seconds<500
5707 Le Reveil du Tsar>700
5717 Classique Hora Mundi<500
5717 Classique Instant Jump Time Zone Display System<500
5800 Marine w/Date Cal & Center Secs<500
5817 Marine Wristwatch w/Large Date<500
5827 Marine Chronograph w/Date & Small Secs<>1000
5829 Marine High Jewelry Chronograph<>1000
5847 Marine Royale Alarm Watch>700
5857 Navy<500
5910 Classic<500
5920 Classic<500
5930 Classic<500
5933 Classique “30th Ann St. Petersburg” Ltd. Ed.<500
7037 tradition<600
7137 Classique Power Reserve Moon Phase>500
7337 Classic>500
7707 Classique Perpetual Calendar>500
7717 Classique Perpetual Calendar>500
7787 Classique Moonphase<500
7800 Classique Complications<500
7803BB Classique Complications Reveil Musical<500
8067 Lady's Classique<700
8068 Lady's Classique w/Diamonds<700
8069 Lady's Classique w/Diamonds<700
8400 Lady's Marine w/Date Cal & Center Secs>800
8401 Lady's Marine w/Date Caliber & Center Secs>800
8490 Lady's Marine Chrono w/Date Cal & Subdials>800
8491 Lady's Marine Chrono w/Date Cal & Subdials>800
8661 Lady's Classique<700
8670 Lady's Heritage w/Small Seconds<700
8670 Lady's Heritage w/Small Seconds>700
8671 Lady's Heritage w/204 Diamonds<700
8671 Lady's Heritage w/204 Diamonds>700
8788 Classique Moon Phases<500
8818 Lady's Marine Wristwatch<700
8827 Marine Chronograph<>1000
8827 Marine Chronograph w/Small Secs, 30 Min & 12 Hr Totalisers>800
8828 Lady's Marine Chronograph>800
8860 Heritage Tonneau Phase de Lune Rose Gold>800
8908 Lady's Reine de Naples w/Diamond Bezel<700
8909 Lady's Reine de Naples w/Dia Bezel & Caseband<700
8918 Lady's Reine de Naples w/117 Diamonds<700
8924 Lady's Reine de Naples>800
8928 Lady's Reine de Naples w/139 Diamonds (Mini)>800
8929 Lady's Reine de Naples Charms>800
8939 Lady's Reine de Naples w/Diamond Baguettes<700
8958 Queen of Naples XL Cadran Carnee<700
8967 Reine de Naples Steel<500
8978 Reine de Naples<500
GJE15 High Jewelry Watch: Plumes>800
GJE16 High Jewelry Watch: Marie Antoinette>800
GJE20 High Jewelry Watch: Les Jardins du Petit Trianon-Les Glycines>800
GJE21 High Jewelry Watch: Le Temple de L'Amour>800
GJE23 High Jewelry Watch: Le Petit Trianon>800
GJE25 High Jewelry Watch: Crazy Flower>800
GJE26 High Jewelry Watch: Petite Fleur>800
Watch movement 0900<500
Watch Movement 502>500
Watch Movement 505<600
Watch Movement 516<500
Watch Movement 517<500
Watch Movement 519>700
Watch Movement 532>700
Watch Movement 537<700
Watch Movement 549<>800
Watch Movement 550>800
Watch Movement 552>800
Watch Movement 555>1300
Watch Movement 563<500
Watch Movement 571<500
Watch Movement 576>700
Watch Movement 579<>800
Watch Movement 582<>1000
Watch Movement 583<>1000
Watch Movement 583Q<>1000
Watch Movement 584<>1000
Watch Movement 586>800
Watch Movement 587<500
Watch Movement 589<>1000
Watch Movement 591<500
Watch Movement 777<500
Watch Movement 77FO<500
Watch Movement 78SO<500
Watch modelDirectionTurns
40th Year Anniversary Chrono-Matic 1461 Ltd. Ed.<>650
40th Year Anniversary Chrono-Matic QP Ltd. Ed.<>650
Avenger Seawolf<>650
Avenger Seawolf Blacksteel<>650
Avenger Seawolf Blacksteel Code Yellow<>650
Avenger Skyland>800
Bentley 6.75>800
Bentley B04 GMT<>800
Bentley B05 Unitime<>800
Bentley B06<>800
Bentley Barnato<>650
Bentley Barnato 42<>650
Bentley Barnato 42 Midnight Carbon Ltd. edition<>650
Bentley Barnato Racing<>650
Bentley Flying B Chronograph<>650
Bentley Flying B Chronograph Midnight Carbon Ltd. Ed.<>650
Bentley GMT<>650
Bentley GMT British Racing Green Ltd. Ed.<>650
Bentley GMT Midnight Carbon Ltd. Ed.<>650
Bentley GMT V8 Ltd. Ed.<>650
Bentley GT<>650
Bentley GT>800
Bentley GT II>800
Bentley GT Racing>800
Bentley Le Mans<>650
Bentley Light Body Midnight Carbon<>650
Bentley Mark VI<>650
Bentley Mark VI Complications 19<>650
Bentley Mark VI Complications 29<>650
Bentley Motors Chronograph<>650
Bentley Motors Speed Ltd. Ed. 2009<>650
Bentley Motors T<>650
Bentley Mulliner Perpetual<>650
Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon<>650
Bentley Supersports<>650
Bentley Supersports Light Body Ltd. Ed.<>650
Bentley Supersports Light Body QP Ltd. Ed.<>650
Blackbird (2006)<>650
Blackbird Ltd. Ed. 2010<>650
Breitling Caliber 01B<>800
Breitling Caliber 04B<>800
Breitling Caliber 05B<>800
Breitling Caliber 10<>650
Breitling Caliber 13B>800
Breitling Caliber 14B<>650
Breitling Caliber 15B<>650
Breitling Caliber 17B<>650
Breitling Caliber 18B<>650
Breitling Caliber 20B>800
Breitling Caliber 19B<>650
Breitling Caliber 21B>800
Breitling Caliber 22B<>650
Breitling Caliber 22LC<>650
Breitling Caliber 23B>800
Breitling Caliber 24B>800
Breitling Caliber 25B<>650
Breitling Caliber 26B<>650
Breitling Caliber 27B<>650
Breitling Caliber 29B<>650
Breitling Caliber 30B<>650
Breitling Caliber 32B<>650
Breitling Caliber 33B<>650
Breitling Caliber 34B>800
Breitling Caliber 35B<>650
Breitling Caliber 35LC<>650
Breitling Caliber 36B<>650
Breitling Caliber 37B<>650
Breitling Caliber 38B<>650
Breitling Caliber 39B<>650
Breitling Caliber 40B<>650
Breitling Caliber 41B<>650
Breitling Caliber 41LC<>650
Breitling Caliber 42B<>650
Breitling Caliber 43B>800
Breitling Caliber 44B<>650
Breitling Caliber 45B<>650
Breitling Caliber 47B<>650
Breitling Caliber 48B>800
Breitling Caliber 49B<>650
Breitling Caliber B04<>650
Breitling Caliber B05<>650
Breitling Caliber B06<>800
Chrono Avenger>800
Chrono Cockpit<>650
Chrono Colt car>800
Chrono Galactic>800
Chrono Superocean>800
Chrono-Matic 1461<>650
Chrono-Matic 49<>650
Chrono-Matic Blacksteel<>650
Chrono-Matic QP<>650
Chronomatic Re-Edition 2004<>650
Chronomat 41<>800
Chronomat 41 Ltd. edition<>800
Chronomat 44<>800
Chronomat 44 Flying Fish<>800
Chronomat 44 GMT<>800
Chronomat B01<>800
Chronomat B01 Diamondworks<>800
Chronomat Blackbird<>650
Chronomat Caliber 13>800
Chronomat Evolution>800
Chronomat GMT<>800
Chronomat GT>800
Chronomat Longitude>800
Chronomat Vitesse>800
Chronospace Automatic>800
Colt Automatic<>650
Colt GMT<>650
Colt Oceane car<>650
Colt Superoceans<>650
Cosmonaute Ltd. Ed. 2010<>650
Crosswind Racing>800
Crosswind Special<>650
Freece Tricolori Chronomat 44 Ltd. edition<>800
Galactic 36 Automatic<>650
Galactic 41 Automatic<>650
Galactic Chronograph II>800
Hercules chronograph<>650
Montbrilliant 01<>800
Montbrilliant 1461<>650
Montbrilliant 47>800
Montbrillant Datora>800
Montbrillant Eclipse>800
Montbrillant legend>800
Montbrillant Legend Ltd. Ed. 2010>800
Montbrilliant Olympus<>650
Montbrilliant QP<>650
Navitimer 01<>800
Navitimer 125E Anniversaire<>650
Navitimer 1461<>650
Navitimer 1461 Ltd. Ed>800
Navitimer 1461/52<>650
Navitimer 1952 QP<>650
Navitimer 50th Anniversary<>650
Navitimer Airborn<>650
Navitimer Blue Sky Ltd. 60th Anniversary Edition<>800
Navitimer Breitling Fighters>800
Navitimer Heritage<>650
Navitimer Montbrillant<>650
Navitimer Montbrillant 1903<>650
Navitimer Twin 60<>650
Navitimer World>800
New Wave Superocean - Abyss Black Diver Pro<>650
New Wave Superocean - Abyss Black Ocean Racer<>650
New Wave Superocean - Abyss Black Professional<>650
New Wave Superocean - Abyss Blue Diver Pro<>650
New Wave Superocean - Abyss Blue Ocean Racer<>650
New Wave Superocean - Abyss Blue Professional<>650
New Wave Superocean - Abyss Red Diver Pro<>650
New Wave Superocean - Abyss Red Ocean Racer<>650
New Wave Superocean - Abyss Red Professional<>650
New-Wave Superocean - Abyss Yellow Diver Pro<>650
Old Navitimer I and II>800
Shadow Flyback<>650
Skyracer Raven<>650
Spatiographe Montbrillant<>650
Great Avenger>800
Superocean 42<>650
Superocean 42 Abyss Turquoise Boutique Edition<>650
Superocean 42 Orange Edition<>650
Superocean 42 White Water Boutique Edition<>650
Superocean 44<>650
Superocean Chronograph (Chrono Superocean)>800
Superocean Chronograph II>800
Superocean GMT<>650
Superocean Heritage 38<>650
Superocean Heritage 42<>650
Superocean Heritage 46<>650
Superocean Heritage Chronograph>800
Superocean Heritage Chronograph 44>800
Superocean Heritage Chronographe Edition Limitee (2009)>800
Superocean Steelfish<>650
Superocean Steelfish X Plus<>650
Transocean Chronograph<>800
Transocean Chronograph 1461<>650
Transocean Chronograph 38<>650
Transocean Chronograph QP<>650
Transocean Chronograph Unitime<>800
Transocean Day & Date<>650
Wings Automatic<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
ALT1-Z Limited Edition>800
EP 120 Limited Edition>800
MBII white<>650
Solo 37<>650
Supermarine S2000<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Aluminum Chronograph: AC38 TAVD<>650
Ampitheatre: AT35 GLD AUTO<>650
Assioma Automatic>650-800
Assioma Chronograph<>650
Assioma Retrograde Tours<500
Bvlgari-Bvlgari – BB33 PLD AUTO<>650
Bvlgari - Bvlgari Annual Calendar<>650
Bvlgari-Bvlgari GMT: BB33 SLDG AUTO<>650
Bvlgari-Bvlgari Moon Phases: BBW GLMP<>650
Bvlgari-Bvlgari Squelette: BB33 GLSK<>650
Diagono Chrono Aluminum Steel<>650
Diagono Chrono Amplificator: CHW40 GL/AMPLI<>650
Diagono Gold/Rubber: AL38 GVD<>650
Diagono Professional Aqua<>650
Diagono Professional Calibro 303>800
Diagono Professional GMT – GMT40 GVD<>650
Diagono Professional GMT Flyback<>650
Diagono Professional Phases of the Moon<500
Diagono Professional Regatta<>650
Diagono Professional Scuba Chrono<>650
Diagono Professional Scuba Diving 2000 mt.<>650
Diagono Professional Tachymetric Chronograph<>650
Diagono Professional Tachymetric Chronograph Split-Second>800
Diagono Professional Terra<>650
Diagono X-Pro Chronograph>800
Ergon Automatic<>650
Ergon chronograph<>650
Rettangolo:RT45 SSD>650-800
Scuba GMT:SD38 SVD GMT<>500
Sport Scuba:SD38 SVD AUTO<>650
Square:SQ29 GLD AUTO<650
Carl F. Bucherer
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Archimedes Power Reserve<>650
Manero Perpetual Calendar<>650
Manero RetroGrade<>650
Patravi AutoDate<>650
Patravi ChronoGrade<>650
Patravi ChronoGrade Blue Wave<>650
Patravi Chronograph GMT<>650
Patravi EvoTec DayDate<>650-950
Patravi T-24<>650
Patravi T-24 Ladies<>650
Patravi T-ChronoGrade<>650
Patravi T-Graph<>650
Patravi Tonneau<>650
Patravi Tonneaugraph<>650
Patravi TravelGraph<>650
Patravi TravelTec Blue Wave<>650
Patravi TravelTec Four<>650
Patravi TravelTec GMT<>650
Patravi Tribute to Fritz Brun Ltd. Ed.<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Ballon Bleu de Cartier 33mm Small>650-800
Ballon Bleu de Cartier 36mm Medium>650-800
Ballon Bleu de Cartier 42mm Large<>650
Ballon Bleu de Cartier Chronograph XL>650-800
Ballon Bleu de Cartier XL>650-800
Caliber 020 MC<>650
Caliber 047 MC<>650
Caliber 048 MC<>650
Caliber 049 MC<>650
Caliber 052 MC<>650
Caliber 076 MC>650-800
Caliber 077 MC<>650
Caliber 120 MC>800
Caliber 191 MC<500
Caliber 200 MC>650-800
Caliber 205 MC>800
Caliber 220 MC>800
Caliber 3110 MC<>650
Caliber 381A MC>650-800
Caliber 8000 MC<>650-800
Caliber 8011 MC<>650-800
1Caliber 8100 MC>800
Caliber 8101 MC>650-800
Caliber 8510 MC<>650
Caliber 8630 MC>800
Caliber de Cartier Watch<>650-950
Pasha 950>800
Pasha C Chronograph: W31048M7<>650
Pasha C de Cartier: W31047M7<>650
Pasha C Ltd. Ed. 2007 35mm<>650
Pasha C Two Time Zone Watch<>650
Pasha de Cartier 42mm<>650-800
Pasha de Cartier Chronograph 42mm>800
Pasha de Cartier Ltd. Ed. 42mm<>650-800
Pasha Lunette Simple: 81750113<>650
Pasha Plongeur: W31016N1<>650
Pasha Power Reserve: W3101255<>650
Pasha Seatimer Chronograph 42.5mm<>800
Pasha Seatimer Large Model<>650
Pasha Seatimer XL model<>650
Pasha Watch, XL<>650-800
Roadster Chronograph XL<>650
Roadster Large Model<>650
Roadster S Watch, Large Model<>650
Roadster S, XL model>800
Roadster XL Model: W6206000, W6206001, W6206012<>650
Rotonde De Cartier Large Date Second Time-Zone Watch<>650-800
Santos 100 Carbon Watch Chronograph XL>800
Santos 100 Carbon Watch Large Model<>650
Santos 100 Carbon Watch Medium Model>650-800
Santos 100 Large – W20073X8<>650
Santos 100 LE Large Dragon Motif<>650
Santos 100 LE Large Saint-Basile Motif<>650
Santos 100 Medium – W20106X8>650-800
Santos 100 XL Chronograph>800
Santos Carre: 81036283<>650
Santos de Cartier Galbee Grand Model: W20040D6>800
Santos de Cartier Galbee Large W20058C4>800
Santos de Cartier Galbee Small<>650
Santos de Cartier Galbee XL<>650
Santos Ronde: W20028G1<>650
Tank Americaine Large Model>800
Tank Americaine Medium Model: W2603556>650-800
Tank Americaine Medium Model: WB7045MP<>650
Tank Americaine Watch XL<500
Tank Americaine XL Chronograph>800
Tank divan>650-800
Tank Francaise Auto Large Size>800
Tank Francaise Large Model>800
Tank Francaise XXL Yearling>800
Watch modelDirectionTurns
J12 Caliber 3125<>600-800
J12 chronograph<>650
J12 Classic<>650
J12 Diamonds<>650
J12 GMT<>650
J12 Marine<>600-800
J12 Superleggera Chronograph<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
1000 Miglia Chronograph: 158331, 161250, 168331, 168511, 168920<>650
1000 Miglia GMT Chrono: 168992>800
1000 Miglia Gran Turismo XL: 158997, 161264, 168997>800
1000 Miglia GT XL Chrono – 158459, 161268, 168459>800
1000 Miglia GT XL Chrono – FC Barcelona Ltd. Ed.: 168459>800
1000 Miglia GT XL Chrono 2010: 161268-5007, 168459-3019>800
1000 Miglia GT XL Chrono Speed Black: 168459-3022>800
1000 Miglia GT XL Chrono Split Second: 161280>800
1000 Miglia GT XL Chrono Titanium: 168459>800
1000 Miglia GT XL GMT: 161277<>650
1000 Miglia GT XL PC: 168457>800
1000 Miglia GT XL Power Control: 161272>800
1000 Miglia GT XL Split Second – 168513>800
1000 Miglia GT XL Split Second Speed Black: 168513>800
Automatic chronograph: 34/1202, 34/8168, 34/8167<>800
Chef-d'oeuvre Perpetual Calendar: 36/1208, 36/91208<>800
Classic Racing – 168463<>650
Classic Racing Chrono – F1 Singapore Edition 2009<>650
Classic Racing Superfast: 161276>800
Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Chronograph>800
Imperiale – 37/8203<>650
Imperiale Chronograph (Leather): 37/8209-33<>650
Jacky Ickx – 168998<>650
Jacky Ickx 6/24: 16/8934<>800
Jose Carreras 2000<>800
LUC1.96 (with micro rotor)<>800
LUC2000 Sport:16/2000-16/8200<>800
LUC3.96 (with micro rotor)<>800
LUC4.96 (with micro rotor)<>800
LUC4R Quattro Regulator<>800
LUC6.96 (with micro rotor)<>800
LUCClassic: 161905<>800
LUCPro One:16/8912<>800
LUCSweep Seconds:18/1862<>800
LUC Tonneau<>800
Miglia 2010 Tycoon Chronograph:168961<>650
Mille Miglia 1999:16/8331-99<>650
Mille Miglia 2000:16/8407<>650
Mille Miglia 2001 Chronograph:16/8915<>650
Mille Miglia 2002:16/8920<>650
Mille Miglia 2003:16/8932<>650
Mille Miglia 2004 GMT Chrono:16/8954>800
Mille Miglia 2005 GMT Ltd. Ed.:16/8994>800
Mille Miglia 2006 Diver's Chronograph for Wempe<>650
Mille Miglia 2006 GMT 6C 1750 GS Chronograph (Alfa Romeo): 16/895413>800
Mille Miglia 2006 Gran Turismo XL: 16/8458>800
Mille Miglia 2008 – 1000 Miglia Gran Turismo XL>800
Mille Miglia 2010 XL Gran Turismo for Alfa Romeo Ltd. Ed.>800
Mille Miglia GMT Chronograph: 16/1267>800
Museum Model Automatic, 100 HR PR: 16/1223, 16/1226<650-800
Perpetual Calendar – 36/1206, 36/91206<>800
Perpetual Calendar Chronograph: 36/1224<>800
Skeleton Automatic: 16/1205, 16/91205, 16/1214>650-800
St. Moritz – 26/8300<>800
St. Moritz – Lady's: 25/8320<>800
St. Moritz Chronograph: 26/8386>800
St. Moritz w/ 45 HR PR: 26/8382<650-800
Tonneau Automatic: 16/2247<650
Tonneau w/ Retrograde Perp. Cal.: 36/2249, 36/92249<>800
Tonneau w/ Seconds, Date, PR indicator: 16/2248, 16/92248<650
Tycoon: 16/8961<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Rattrapante chronograph>800
Chronograph with split second timer>800
Chronometer Chronograph w/black dial face: CH 7523C SW>800
Chronometer Chronograph w/date: CH 7523 CD>800
Chronometer Chronograph: CH 7521C, 7522C, 7523C>800
Grand Lunar>800
Grand Opus>800
Cairo's chronograph>800
Kairos Ladies>650-800
Cairo's medium<>650
Classic chronograph>800
Lunar chronograph>800
Lunar Triple Date<>650
Opus Skeleton Chronograph>800
Orea Automatic>650-950
Pacific 100 27.5mm<>650
Pacific 100 38.5mm<>650
Pacific 100 Chronograph>800
Perpetual calendar<650-950
Automatic regulator<650-950
Regulator medium<650-950
Repetition quarts<650-950
Sirius Triple Date<>650
Tachoscope – Audi Centennial<650-950
Timemaster Automatic<>650
Timemaster Chronograph Date>800
Timemaster Flyback Chronograph>800
Timemaster GMT>800
Tora chronograph>800
Watch modelDirectionTurns
C1 All Black>800
C1 Baguette Chronograph>800
C1 Big Date<>650
C1 chronograph>800
C1 code>800
C1 Full Set Chronograph>800
C1 Heart 2 Heart Chronograph>800
C1 Jewelry Valgranges>800
C1 MecaTech>800
C1 Night Race Edition Worldtimer<>650
C1 Retrograde<>650
C1 Retrograde Titanium<>650
C1 Seafarer>800
C1 vintage>800
C1 Worldtimer<>650
C1 zest>800
Impresario Chronograph<>650
Impresario GMT<>650
Mariner Bi-retrograde>800
Saratoga Chrono Dual Time>800
Watch modelDirectionTurns
20 Dollar Gold Piece Watch (2002+)<>650
Admiral's Cup<>650
Admiral's Cup Black Hull 48>800
Admiral's Cup Black Split Seconds 44 Ltd. Ed.<800
Admiral's Cup Challenge 44>800
Admiral's Cup Challenge 44 Regatta<800
Admiral's Cup Challenge 44 Split Seconds<800
Admiral's Cup Challenge 48 Black Flag Ltd. Ed.>800
Admiral's Cup Challenger 44 Chrono Rubber>800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph<>650-800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 40 Diamonds<>650
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 44>800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 44 Gold>800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 48>800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 48 Grand Prix 2010>800
Admiral's Cup Chronograph 50 LHS>800
Admiral's Cup Competition 40<>650
Admiral's Cup Competition 48>800
Admiral's Cup Competition 48 Victory Challenge>800
Admiral's Cup Deep Hull 48>800
Admiral's Cup GMT 44<>650
Admiral's Cup Leap Second 48>800
Admiral's Cup Legend 38 Mystery Moon<>650
Admiral's Cup Marees<>650
Admiral's Cup Regatta 44<>650
Admiral's Cup Tides 44<>650
Admiral's Cup Tides 44 Regatta<>650
Admiral's Cup Tides 48<>650
Admiral's Cup Trophy 41<>650
Automatic 100>650
Bubble Automatic<>650
Bubble Black Dive<>650
Bubble Casino<>650
Bubble Dive Bombers<>650
Bubble Diver Shark Chronograph<>650
Bubble GMT<>650
Bubble Large Chronograph<>650
Bubble Night Flyer<>650
Bubble Privateer<>650
Bubble Skeleton<>650
Classical Chevalier<>650
Classic Chrono Flyback<>650
Classic GMT<>650
Classic Grande Date<>650
Classical Kai Chon<>650
Classic Palm Beach<>650
Classic Pearl Dragon<>650
Classic Power Reserve<>650
Gypsy Moth<>650
Romvlv's Chrono<>650
Romvlv's chronograph<>650
Romvlv's Gold<650-950
Romvlv's Lady<>650
Romvlvs Large Date<>650
Romvlvs Perpetual Calendar<>650
Romvlvs Retrograde Annual Calendar>650
Romvlv's Steel Power Reserve<>650
Trapeze Automatic<>650
Daniel Roth
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Athis Moon 2134<500
Chrono Sprint Endurer>800
Automatic chronograph<>650
Ellipsocurvex Papillon>500
Grand Sonnerie>820
Instantaneous Perpetual Calendar<500
Master's Chronograph<500
Master's Chronograph Lady<500
Metropolitan dual time<>650
Papillion Chrono>800
Perpetual Calendar Chronograph>820
Perpetual Calendar Time Equation<500
Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Retro Date>820
De Grisogono
Watch modelDirectionTurns
DE GRISOGONO Doppio Chronograph<>650
DE GRISOGONO Double Tre<>650
DE GRISOGONO Fuso Quadrato<>650
DE GRISOGONO Instrumentino<>650
DE GRISOGONO Instrumento Double Tre<>650
DE GRISOGONO Instrumento Grande<>650
DE GRISOGONO Instrumento Grande Chrono<>650
DE GRISOGONO Instrumento Grande Date<>650
DE GRISOGONO Instrumento Grande Open Date<>650
DE GRISOGONO Instrumento No Uno<>650
DE GRISOGONO Instrumento No Uno XL<>650
DE GRISOGONO Instrumento Novantatre<>650
DE GRISOGONO Instrumento Tondo<>650
DE GRISOGONO Novantatre<>650
DE GRISOGONO Power Breaker<>650
DE GRISOGONO Power Breaker Chronograph<>650
DE GRISOGONO Power Breaker No2<>650
DE GRISOGONO Tondo by Night<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Academia Chronographe Sequential>800
Academia Double Fuseau – GMT2<>650
Academia Double Fuseau – GMT2 Poetic<>650
Academia Grande Date<>650
Academia Hora Mundi<>650
Academia Quantieme Perpetual<>800
Academia Quantieme Perpetual GMT Nebula<>650
Academia Quantieme Perpetual Sport<>650
Academia Seconde Retrograde Serenity<>650
Academia Triple Complications – GMT3<>650
Blackstream Chronograph>800
Blackstream Triple Complication – GMT3<>650
Collectors Chronographe Sequential>800
Collectors Grande Date<>650
Collectors Hora Mundi<>650
Collectors Quantieme Perpetual Sport: AC.7002<>800
Collectors Quantieme Perpetual Sport: AC.7004<>650
Collectors Seconde Retrograde Serenity<>650
Emotion “Double Fuseau”<>650
Emotion “Second Retrograde”<>800
Grande Horlogerie “Quantieme Perpetual Bi-Retrograde”<>800
Ladies – Grande Date<>650
Ladies – Seconde Retrograde Serenity<>650
Ladies – Triple Complication – GMT3<>650
Twenty-8 Automatic<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Cipher Rouge 102 Ltd. Ed.<>650
Cipher Rouge A02<>650
Cipher Rouge A03<>650
Cipher Rouge A05<>650
Cipher Rouge D01<>650
Cipher Rouge D02<>650
Cipher Rouge Irreductible<>650
Christal Automatic<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
1911 BTR Automatic Chronograph<>800
1911 BTR Automatic GMT<>800
1911 BTR Automatic Perpetual Calendar Chronograph<>800
1911 BTR Chronograph Caliber 137<>800
1911 BTR Chronograph Caliber 139<>800
1911 chronograph<>800
1911 Discovery Chronograph>800
1911 Sr<>650
1911 Tekton Caliber 137<>800
1911 Tekton Caliber 139<>800
1911 Tekton Chronograph<>800
1911 Tekton Real Madrid Chronograph Ltd. Ed.<>800
Brasilia Ghent<>800
Caliber 080>650
Caliber 093<650
Caliber 094>650
Caliber 095<650
Caliber 120<>800
Caliber 121<>650
Caliber 122<>650
Caliber 124<>650
Caliber 125<>650
Caliber 127<>650
Caliber 129<>650
Caliber 134<>650
Caliber 136<>650
Caliber 137<>800
Caliber 139<>800
Caliber 172<>650
Caliber 245<>800
Caliber 256>650-800
Caliber 288<>800
Caliber 301<>650
Caliber 303<>650
Caliber 304<>650
Caliber 330>650
Caliber 750>800
Caliber 951<650
Caliber 963<650
Caliber 964<650
Classic Gent Hexagon Big Date<>650
Classic Gent Hexagon Day Date<>650
Classic Gent Hexagon Regulator<>650
Classic Gent XL<>800
Classic lady<>650-800
Ebellissimo Chronograph: 1215247, 1215251, 1215252, 1215253<>800
Ebellissimo Chronograph: 1215254, 1215255, 1215256<>800
Ebellissimo Gent (Large Date)<>650
Sportwave Aquatica 300<>800
Sportwave Aquatica 500<>800
Sportwave Diver Automatic<>800
Tarawa chronograph<>800
Tarawa Gent<>650
Eberhard & Co.
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Boucanier Grande Date<>650
Chrono 120eme Anniversaire>800
Chrono Flyer Ltd. edition>800
Chrono4 Bellissimo<>650
Chrono4 Bellissimo Coeur Vitre Abricot<>650
Chrono4 Grand Waist<>650
Chrono4 Temerario<>650
Chronograph Champion>800
Chronograph Replica>800
Extra Fort Chronograph>800
Extra Fort Edition Vitree>800
Extra Fort Grande Date<>650
Extra Fort Grande Date Chronograph>800
Extra Fort Grande Date Reserve de Marche<>650
Les Grandes Courbees<>650
Tazio Nuvolari Chronograph>800
Tazio Nuvolari Edition Limitee Grand Prix TN>800
Tazio Nuvolari Edition Limitee Vanderbilt Cup>800
Traversetolo Chrono Ltd. Ed.>800
FP Journe
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Octa Automatic Lune<>500-950
Octa Automatic Reserve<>500-950
Octa Calander<>500-950
Octa Chronograph<>500-950
Octa Divine 36<>500-950
Octa Luna<>500-950
Octa Reserve de Marche<>500-950
Octa Zodiac<>500-950
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Cintree Curvex Chrono Master Banker: 7850 CC MB>800
Cintree Curvex Chronograph Havana: 5850 CC HVAT>800
Conquistador Chronograph – 8000 CC>800
Conquistador Chronograph Kingsize: 8000 CC KING>800
Master Banker: 2852 MB<>650
Transamerica Sportsgeist>800
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Big Date Dual Time Carree<>650
Carree Heartbeat<>650
Chrono Runabout>800
Classics Automatic Chronometer<>650
Classics Big Date Dual Time<>650
Classics Caree Automatic<>650
Classics Chopin Limited Edition<>650
Classics Date<>650
Classics Heart Beat>800
Classics Index<>650
Classics Index Chronograph>800
Classic Ladies<>650
Classics Manufacture<>650
Classics Manufacture Moonphase<>650
Classics Manufacture Worldtimer<>650
Classics Manufacture Worldtimer Blue<>650
Classics Manufacture Worldtimer Green<>650
Classic Tonneau Automatic<>650
Cohiba Limited Edition 2010<>650
Double Heart Beat Black Beauty<>650
Double Heart Beat Only Watch<>650
Flyback Chrono Manufacture<>650
Healey Canada Edition<>650
Healey Chrono>800
Heart beat<>650
Heart Beat 2007>820
Heart Beat Manufacturing<>650
Heart Beat Manufacture GMT<>650
Heart Beat Silicon<>650
Highlife Heart Beat Retrogade<>650
Highlife Triple Time<>650
Index automatic<>650
Index Clear Vision<>650
Index Moon Timer<>650
Ladies Automatic Double Hard Beat<>650
Ladies Love Automatic<>650
Ladies Love Hard Beat<>650
Lady Automatic<>650
Lady Automatic Black Beauty<>650
Manufacture tourbillon<>650
Maxime Manufacturing<>650
Maxime Manufacturing Lady<>650
Maxime Moon & Date<>650
Perpetual calendar tourbillon<>650
Persuasion Automatic<>650
Persuasion Automatic Big Date Dualtime<>650
Persuasion Automatic Moon Phase<>650
Persuasion Carree Heart Beat Date<>650
Persuasion ladies<>650
Persuasion Moonphase Carree<>650
Runabout Chrono>800
Runabout Chrono Venice>800
Runabout Manufacturing<>650
Runabout Moon Phase<>650
Runabout Venice<>650
Runabout Venice Chrono>800
Slimline Automatic<>650
Slimline Moonphase Manufacture<>650
Slimline power reserve<>650
Slimline Tourbillon Manufacture<>650
Vintage Racing Chrono>800
Vintage Rally Healey<>650
Vintage Rally Healey Chrono<>800
Vintage Rally Beijing to Paris<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Arena Biretro<>650
Arena Chrono Quattro Retro>800
Chronograph Gefica: G3484>800
Gefica Biretro<500
Gefica Safari<500
Hercules Golf Master<>650
Night and Day: G3705<>650
Octo Auto Grand Waist: G3558<>650
Octo Chrono Quattro Retro>800
Octo Chronograph – G3550>800
Octo Chronograph Rattrapante: G3580>800
Retro Second<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Car Small Seconds<500
Automatic 3100<500
BMW Oracle Sea Hawk Pro Challenger of Record<500
BMW Oracle Sea Hawk USA-71<500
BMW Oracle wwtc USA-76<500
Big Date Moonphase with small seconds<500
Cat's Eye reserve de march horizontal<500
Cat's Eye reserve de march vertical<500
Cats Eye Aventurine<500
Cat's eye baguette<500
Cats Eye Bi-Retro<500
Cats Eye Moon Phase<500
Cats Eye reserve pavee<500
Chrono Foudroyante>600
Chrono Hawk Ceramic<500
Chrono Hawk Rose Gold<500
Chrono Hawk Steel<500
Chrono Laureate Olympic<500
Chrono Vintage 1996<500
Classic 2002<500
Classic 3000<500
Classique Elegance 1966<500
Competizione Circuito<500
Competizione Stradale<500
Ferrari chronograph<>600
Ferrari Chronograph Carbon<>600
Ferrari F50GP - Ferrari F50<500
For BMW ORACLE Racing<500
GP 7000 Chrono Ref.<>600
GP Pour Ferrari<>600
GP Pour Ferrari 250 GT<>600
GP Pour Ferrari 275 Le Mans<>600
GP Pour Ferrari 330 P4<>650
GP Pour Ferrari 360GT Champions<>650
GP Pour Ferrari 375 Mille Miglia<500
GP Pour Ferrari Automatic 36mm<>650
GP Pour Ferrari Chronograph Carbon<>600
GP Pour Ferrari Chronograph Tribute to Ferrari<>600
GP Pour Ferrari F 310B<500
GP Pour Ferrari F1 2000<500
GP Pour Ferrari F1 48<>600
GP Pour Ferrari F1 53 Hours of the world USA<500
GP Pour Ferrari F1 World Champion 2002<500
GP pour Ferrari F300<>600
GP Pour Ferrari F399<>600
GP pour Ferrari F40<500
GP pour Ferrari F50<500
GP Pour Ferrari President<>650
GP Pour Ferrari SF Foudroyante>600
Lady F<500
Laureate 2016<500
Laureate 2017<500
Laureate Absolute<500
Laureate Absolute Chrono<500
Laureate Absolute WW.TC<500
Laureate Ceramic<500
Laureate Chrono<500
Laureate EVO<500
Laureate EVO2 Olympico<500
Laureato EVO3 Big Date<500
Laureato EVO3 Chronograph<500
Laureato EVO3 Perpetual Calendar Chrono<500
Laureato EVO3 Tourbillon under three Sapphire Bridges>800
Laureate Perpetual Calendar>800
Laureate Skeleton>800
Laureate Tourbillon SIHH 2017>800
Laureato Tourbillon under three Sapphire Bridges 2012>800
Neo Bridges 2017>700
Neo Bridges Titanium>700
Neo Tourbillon under three Bridges 2014>700
Place Girardet<>650
Richeville Big Date with Moonphase<500
Richeville Chronograph 2005<500
Richeville Chronograph 2006<500
Richeville Chronograph Flyback 2002<500
Richeville Lady Automatic<500
Richeville Lady Automatic Chronograph<500
Richeville Perpetual Calendar 2002<500
Richeville Perpetual Calendar Tonneau<>600
Richeville Reserve de Marche 2002<500
Richeville Small Seconds<>650
Richeville Tonneau Chronograph<>600
Richeville Tonneau Ladies<800
Richeville tourbillon>800
Sea Hawk 2013<500
Sea Hawk Chrono 2013<500
Sea Hawk Chrono Hollywoodland<500
Sea Hawk II<500
Sea Hawk II Blue<500
Sea Hawk II Pro<500
Sea Hawk II Pro John Harrison<500
Sea Hawk Pro 1000m<500
Sea Hawk Vintage<500
Split second chronograph>600
Square Cambered Chronograph<>650
Tourbillion with three bridges>600
Traveler II<>600
Traveler II 49350<500
Traveler II 49400 2001>800
Traveler Large Date Moon GMT<500
Vintage 1945 car<500
Vintage 1945 Carree Car>820
Vintage 1945 Chronograph Foudroyante>600
Vintage 1945 Column Wheel Chrono<500
Vintage 1945 GMT Chrono<>500
Vintage 1945 King Size GMT Chrono<>500
Vintage 1945 King Size Perpetual Calendar<>500
Vintage 1945 King Size Small Seconds & Date<>500
Vintage 1945 Lady Souveraine<>500
Vintage 1945 Large Date with Moon Phase<>500
Vintage 1945 Off Centered<500
Vintage 1945 Small Seconds and Date<>500
Vintage 1945 Small Seconds power reserve<>500
Vintage 1945 Tourbillon with 3 Gold Bridges>600
Vintage 1945 Tourbillon with one Gold Bridge>600
Vintage 1945 Triple Calendar<500
Vintage 1945 XXL Chrono<500
Vintage 1945 XXL big date moon phase<500
Vintage 1957<500
Vintage 1966<500
Vintage 1966 Full Calendar<500
Vintage 1966 WW.TC<500
Vintage Big Date Moon Phase<500
Vintage Equation of Time<500
Vintage Foudroyante XXL>800
Vintage king size<500
Vintage King Size GMT<500
Vintage Men's Car<500
Vintage tourbillon with 3 gold bridges<500
Vintage Triple Calendar>600
Vintage XXL chronograph<500
Vintage XXL Perpetual Calendar<500
Vintage reserve<500
wwtc chronograph<500
wwtc Hours of the World<500
wwtc Hours of the World 49800 49805<500
wwtc Hours of the World 49850<500
wwtc lady>820
WWTC Perpetual Calendar<500
WWTC Shadow<500
wwtc Traveller<500
wwtc Traveler Titanium DLC<500
wwtc White Ceramic<500
Watch modelDirectionTurns
1878 Limited Edition<>850-1000
Automatic Caliber 01-07<>850
Automatic Caliber 01-89>800-850
Automatic Caliber 100<>850-1000
Automatic Caliber 39<850
Automatic Caliber 90<850-1000
Automatic Caliber 93<850-1000
Automatic Caliber 94<850-1000
Automatic Caliber 95<>850-1000
Lady Serenade<850
Lady Serenade Chronograph<850
Lady Serenade square<850
Lady Serenade Pavee<850
Lady Sport: Automatic<850
Norami's ladies<>650
Noramis Mens<>650
Panomaticcentral XL<>850-1000
Panomaticchrono XL<>850-1000
Panomaticlunar XL<850-1000
Panomatic reserve XL<850-1000
Senator Automatic<>850-1000
Senator Calendar<>850-1000
Senator Calendar Week<>850-1000
Senator Chronograph<850
Senator Chronograph XL<850
Senator Classic: Automatic<650-800
Senator Classic: Automatic Panorama Date<850
Senator Classic: Aviator<850
Senator Classic: Aviator Chronograph<850
Senator Classic: Aviator Chronograph Date<850
Senator Classic: Chronograph<850
Senator Classic: Chronograph Date<650-800
Senator Classic: Perpetual Calendar Panorama Date, Up and Down<850
Senator Perpetual Calendar<>850-1000
Senator Hand Date<850
Senator Karree – Automatic<850
Senator Karree – Chronograph<850
Senator Karree – Chronograph Date<650-800
Senator Karree – Panorama Date<850
Senator Karree – Perpetual Calendar<850
Senator Karree – Perpetual Calendar Panorama Date<850
Senator Meissen<>850-1000
Senator Meissen: Tourbillon<850-1000
Senator Navigator: Automatic<>850-1000
Senator Navigator: Chronograph<850
Senator Navigator: Panorama Date<>850-1000
Senator Navigator: Perpetual Calendar<>850-1000
Senator Navigator: Perpetual Calendar Ltd. Ed.<>850-1000
Senator Panorama Date<>850-1000
Senator Panorama Date – 2005<>850-1000
Senator Panorama Date with Moon Phase<>850-1000
Senator Perpetual Calendar<>850-1000
Senator Perpetual Calendar – 2005<>850-1000
Senator Power Reserve Display<>850-1000
Senator Sixties: Automatic<850
Senator Sixties: Chronograph<850
Senator Sixties: Square Chronograph<850
Sport automatic<850
Sport Chronograph Automatic Medium<500
Sport Chronograph Automatic Senior<850
Sport Evolution<850
Sport Evolution Chronograph<850
Sport Evolution GMT<500
Sport Evolution Impact Chronograph<850
Sport Evolution Impact Panorama Date<850
Sport Evolution Impact Tourbillon LE<>850-1000
Sport Evolution M<850
Sport Evolution Panorama Date<850
Sport Evolution Perpetual Calendar<850
Star Collection: Black Secret<850-1000
Star Collection: Four Seasons Night Shade<850-1000
Star Collection: Four Seasons Spring Blossom<850-1000
Star Collection: Pink Passion<850-1000
Star Collection: Summer Night<850-1000
Star Collection: SunRay<850-1000
Star Collection: WhiteCrystal<850-1000
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Chronofighter 1695 – Gold>800
Chronofighter 1695 – Steel>800
Chronofighter chronograph>800
Chronofighter Flyback Ltd. edition>800
Chronofighter Lord Douglas>800
Chronofighter Mark II>800
Chronofighter Oversize>800
Chronofighter Oversize Amazonia Green>800
Chronofighter Oversize Big Date GMT>800
Chronofighter Oversize Big Date GMT Black Dial>800
Chronofighter Oversize Big Date GMT BRG>800
Chronofighter Oversize Big Date GMT Silver Dial>800
Chronofighter Oversize Black Forest>800
Chronofighter Oversize Black Sahara>800
Chronofighter Oversize Diver Date>800
Chronofighter Oversize Diver Date Deep Seal>800
Chronofighter Oversize Diver Date Orange Seal>800
Chronofighter Oversize Diver Date Tech Seal Scarab>800
Chronofighter Oversize Diver Deep Purple>800
Chronofighter Oversize Diver Turbo>800
Chronofighter Oversize Diver Turbo Tech>800
Chronofighter Oversize Titanium Airwing Black Carbon>800
Chronofighter Oversize Titanium Airwing Gun Metal>800
Chronofighter Oversize Titanium Commando>800
Chronofighter Oversize Titanium Commando SAS>800
Chronofighter Oversize Titanium SAS II>800
Chronofighter Oversize Titanium Tackler>800
Chronofighter Oversize Tourist Trophy>800
Chronofighter RAC Black Fighter>800
Chronofighter RAC Black Shock>800
Chronofighter RAC Black Speed>800
Chronofighter RAC Silver Fighter>800
Chronofighter RAC Skeleton>800
Chronofighter RAC Stingray>800
Chronofighter RAC Trigger Black Rush>800
Chronofighter RAC Trigger Blue Rush>800
Chronofighter RAC Trigger Blue Rush>800
Chronofighter RAC Trigger Charcoal Rush>800
Chronofighter RAC Trigger Graphite Rush>800
Chronofighter RAC Trigger Havana Rush>800
Chronofighter RAC Trigger Ice Rush>800
Chronofighter RAC Trigger Midnight Rush>800
Chronofighter RAC Trigger Olive Rush>800
Chronofighter RAC Trigger White Rush>800
Chronofighter Trigger Flyback>800
Chronofighter Trigger Ltd. Ed.>800
Chronofighter Trigger Rattrapante Ltd. Ed.>800
Chronograph Foudroyante>800
Grand Silverstone>800
Grand Silverstone Luffield l>800
Grand Silverstone Luffield, GMT Gold Ltd. Ed.>800
Grand Silverstone Luffield, GMT Red Ltd. Ed.>800
Grand Silverstone Luffield, GMT Steel Ltd. Ed.>800
Grand Silverstone Luffield, Night Racer Ltd. Ed.>800
Grand Silverstone Stowe Racing>800
Grand Silverstone Woodcote I>800
Grand Silverstone Woodcote II>800
Ltd. Edition 2004 - Spitfire>800
Ltd. Edition 2005 – VE Day>800
Mercedes GP Trackmaster>800
Overlord Chronograph>800
Prodive Ltd. edition>800
Prodive Professional Ltd. edition>800
Silverstone Black>800
Silverstone Luffield GMT Ltd. Ed.>800
Silverstone Luffield Night Racer Ltd. Ed.>800
Silverstone Stowe>800
Silverstone Stowe Classic Gold>800
Silverstone Stowe GMT LE>800
Silverstone Stowe Racing>800
Silverstone Tourist Trophy TT Isle of Man>800
Silverstone Vintage 30>800
Silverstone White>800
Swordfish Ali Baba>800
Swordfish Ali Baba – Black Nemo>800
Swordfish Ali Baba – Cinderella>800
Swordfish Big 12/6>800
Swordfish Big Bling>800
Swordfish Black Nemo>800
Swordfish Booster>800
Swordfish Booster Black>800
Swordfish Cinderella>800
Swordfish Diamonds>800
Swordfish Lucy In The Sky>800
Swordfish Pure White>800
Swordfish PVD All Black>800
Swordfish Snow White>800
Swordfish Special Edition Black Night>800
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Avenue C Chronograph>650
Avenue Squared A2 Automatic: 350<500
Midnight Automatic<500
Ocean Automatic (Old)<500
Ocean Biretrograde<500
Ocean Chronograph 36 (Old) or 39>800
Ocean Chronograph Split-Seconds 39mm (Old)>800
Ocean Chronograph Triple Retrograde>800
Ocean Diver<500
Ocean Dual Time<500
Ocean Lady Biretro<500
Ocean Lady Z<500
Ocean Project Z1>800
Ocean Project Z2<500
Ocean Project Z3 Sport<>800
Ocean Project Z3 Vintage<>800
Ocean Project Z4<500
Ocean Project Z5<>800
Ocean Rattrapante Chronograph<500
Ocean Tourbillon Automatic<>800
Ocean Tourbillon GMT<>800
Opus 9<650
Premier Biretrosecond<800
Premier Chronograph 35mm>800
Premier Chronograph 37mm<500
Premier Chronograph Tri-Retrograde>800
Premier Eccentric<500
Premier Eccentric – Ladies'<500
Premier Eccentric Biretrograde<500
Premier Excenter Chronograph / Triple Retrograde>800
Premier Excenter Perpetual Calendar 2010 41mm<500
Premier Perpetual Calendar 37mm<500
Premier Perpetual Calendar Chronograph 38mm>800
Premier Perpetual Calendar GMT 38mm<500
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Aero Bang All Black>800
Aero Bang Gold Ceramic Ltd. Ed.>800
Aero Bang Morgan Ltd Ed.>800
Aero Bang Tungsten Ltd. Ed.>800
Big Bang>800
Big Bang – Collection 41<>650
Big Bang – Collection 44>800
Big Bang – Collection Classic>800
Big Bang – Collection King>800
Big Bang All Black>800
Big Bang All Black II Ltd. Ed.>800
Big Bang Black Lemon>800
Big Bang Black Magic>800
Big Bang Black Pink>800
Big Bang Earl Gray Diamonds<>650-800
Big Bang Earl Gray Gold Hematite>800
Big Bang Foudroyante LE Senna>800
Big Bang Frappuccino>800
Big Bang Gold 44mm>800
Big Bang High Jewelry>800
Big Bang King All Black Blue>800
Big Bang Maradona>800
Big Bang Mexico>800
Big Bang Polo de Paris>800
Big Bang Tantalum>800
Big Bang Tutti Frutti>800
Big Bang Wally>800
Bode Bang>800
Chrono SuperB: 1920<>650
Classic Fusion<>650
Classic Fusion – FIFA World Cup<>650
Classic Fusion – Gold World Cup 2010<>650
Classique: 1520, 1580<>650
Elegant – 1510<650
Elegant – 1710<>650
Elegant Chronograph: 1810<>650
Elegant Medium: 1430>650
Elegant Power Reserve: 1830<>650
F1 King Power>800
Grand Quantieme: 1840<>650
HUB 11<>650-800
HUB 1100<>650
HUB 21>800
HUB 41<>650
HUB 42<>650-800
HUB 44>800
HUB 45>800
Ice Bang>800
King Power Alinghi>800
King Power All Black Ltd. Ed.>800
King Power Black Ceramic Mexico>800
Like Bang>800
Novelty 41mm<>650
Professional: 1552<>650
Red Devil Bang II Ltd. Ed.>800
Red Devil Bang Ltd. Ed.>800
Superprofessional: 1850<>650
Yacht Club De Monaco<>650-800

Caliber IWC 79091

Watch modelDirectionTurns
Aquatimer Automatic – 3231<>800
Aquatimer Automatic – 3548<>650
Aquatimer Automatic 2000: 3538, 3568<>650
Aquatimer Automatic Jubilee Edition 1868-2008: 3231<>800
Aquatimer Chrono Automatic: 3719>800
Aquatimer Chronograph – 3767>800
Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Boesch: 3782>800
Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Cousteau Divers: 3782>800
Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Galapagos: 376705>800
Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Jacques-Yves Cousteau – 3767>800
Aquatimer Chronograph Rose Gold: 3769<>800
Aquatimer Deep Two: 3547<>650
Aquatimer Edition Cousteau Divers: 3548<>650
Aquatimer Split Minute Chronograph: 3723>800
Big Engineer – 5005<>1000
Big Ingenieur Chronograph: 3784<>800
Big Pilot's Watch - 5002, 5004<>1000
Big Pilot's Watch - 5009<>1000
Big Pilot's Watch Edition Antoine de Saint Exupery: 5004<>1000
Big Pilot's Watch Edition DFB – 5004<>1000
Big Pilot's Watch Edition Muhammad Ali – 5004<>1000
Big Pilot's Watch for Father and Son – 500906<>1000
Big Pilot's Watch Perpetual Calendar Edition Boutique<>1000
Big Pilot's Watch Perpetual Calendar Editions – 5026<>1000
Big Pilot's Watch Perpetual Calendar Top Gun – 5029<>1000
Big Pilot's Watch Top Gun – 5019<>1000
Big Pilot's Watch Top Gun Miramar – 5019<>1000
Caliber IWC 100<>800
Caliber IWC 1001<>800
Caliber IWC 270<800
Caliber IWC 2707<800
Caliber IWC 271<800
Caliber IWC 2717<800
Caliber IWC 30110<>650
Caliber IWC 30120<>650
Caliber IWC 30130<>650
Caliber IWC 30140<>650
Caliber IWC 30710<>650
Caliber IWC 30750<>650
Caliber IWC 320>800
Caliber IWC 3201>800
Caliber IWC 32060>800
Caliber IWC 32061>800
Caliber IWC 32062>800
Caliber IWC 3251<>800
Caliber IWC 3252<>800
Caliber IWC 3253<>800
Caliber IWC 3254<>800
Caliber IWC 3256<>800
Caliber IWC 3258<>800
Caliber IWC 35110<>650
Caliber IWC 35110-GJ<>650
Caliber IWC 35720<>650
Caliber IWC 35750<>650
Caliber IWC 375<>650
Caliber IWC 3752<>650
Caliber IWC 37521<>650
Caliber IWC 37522<>650
Caliber IWC 37523<>650
Caliber IWC 37524<>650
Caliber IWC 37526<>650
Caliber IWC 3753<>650
Caliber IWC 37531<>650
Caliber IWC 37532<>650
Caliber IWC 3754<>650
Caliber IWC 37541<>650
Caliber IWC 37542<>650
Caliber IWC 3755<>650
Caliber IWC 3757<>650
Caliber IWC 3758<>650
Caliber IWC 37580<>650
Caliber IWC 37582<>650
Caliber IWC 37590<>650
Caliber IWC 44<>800
Caliber IWC 442<>800
Caliber IWC 443<>800
Caliber IWC 480<>650
Caliber IWC 5000<>1000
Caliber IWC 50010<>1000
Caliber IWC 5011<>1000
Caliber IWC 50110<>1000
Caliber IWC 50610<>1000
Caliber IWC 50611<>1000
Caliber IWC 50612<>1000
Caliber IWC 50900<>1000
Caliber IWC 50910<>1000
Caliber IWC 51010<>1000
Caliber IWC 51011<>1000
Caliber IWC 51110<>1000
Caliber IWC 51111<>1000
Caliber IWC 51112<>1000
Caliber IWC 51113<>1000
Caliber IWC 51610<>1000
Caliber IWC 51610-SE<>1000
Caliber IWC 51612<>1000
Caliber IWC 51613<>1000
Caliber IWC 51614<>1000
Caliber IWC 51900<>1000
Caliber IWC 75320>800
Caliber IWC 790>800
Caliber IWC 7901>800
Caliber IWC 7902>800
Caliber IWC 79030>800
Caliber IWC 79060>800
Caliber IWC 79061>800
Caliber IWC 7912>800
Caliber IWC 7922>800
Caliber IWC 79230>800
Caliber IWC 79240>800
Caliber IWC 79251>800
Caliber IWC 79252>800
Caliber IWC 79261>800
Caliber IWC 79320>800
Caliber IWC 79340>800
Caliber IWC 79350>800
Caliber IWC 79420>800
Caliber IWC 79470>800
Caliber IWC 80110<>800
Caliber IWC 80111<>800
Caliber IWC 81<>800
Caliber IWC 85<>800
Caliber IWC 852<>800
Caliber IWC 8521<>800
Caliber IWC 853<>800
Caliber IWC 8531<>800
Caliber IWC 854<>800
Caliber IWC 8541<>800
Caliber IWC 8541B<>800
Caliber IWC 854B<>800
Caliber IWC 884<>800
Caliber IWC 8842<>800
Caliber IWC 887<>800
Caliber IWC 8872<>800
Caliber IWC 889<>800
Caliber IWC 8891<>800
Caliber IWC 8892<>800
Caliber IWC 891<>800
Caliber IWC 8912<>800
Caliber IWC 8914<>800
Caliber IWC 89360<>800
Caliber IWC 89361<>800
Caliber IWC 89365<>800
Caliber IWC 89800<>800
Caliber IWC 89801<>800
Caliber IWC 89802<>800
Caliber IWC 917<>800
Caliber IWC 960<>800
Caliber IWC 96061<>800
Caliber IWC 964<>800
Chronograph Amalfi – 3703>800
Da Vinci Auto Chronograph: 3750, 3758, 9252>800
Da Vinci Automatic – 4523<>650
Da Vinci Automatic Edition Jubilee 1868-2008: 5461<>800
Da Vinci Automatic Precious Stones: 4523<>650
Da Vinci Chronograph – 3764<>800
Da Vinci Chronograph Ceramic: 3766<>800
Da Vinci Chronograph Edition Laureus Sport for Good Foundation: 376404<>800
Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month: 3761<>800
Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Edition Kurt Klaus: 376203, 376204, 376205>800
Da Vinci Rattrapante: 3751, 3754, 9254>800
Da Vinci SL Car: 3528, 9268<>650
Grand Complication: 3770, 9270>800
GST – 3715>800
GST Aquatimer: 3536<>650
GST Automatic Alarm: 3537<>800
GST Chrono Rattrapante: 3715>800
GST Chronograph Automatic: 3707, 9277>800
GST Deep One: 3527<>800
GST Perpetual Calendar: 3756>800
engineer “Officially Certified Chronometer” – 3521, 9239<>800
Ingenieur Automatic – 3227<>800
Ingenieur Automatic – 3234, 3233<>800
Ingenieur Automatic – 3239<>650
Ingenieur Automatic AMG Black Series Ceramic – 3225<>800
Ingenieur Automatic AMG: 3227<>800
Ingenieur Automatic Carbon Performance – 3224<>800
Ingenieur Automatic Edition Boutique<>800
Ingenieur Automatic Edition Climate Action: 3234<>800
Ingenieur Automatic Edition Jubilee 1868-2008: 3223<>800
Engineer Automatic Edition Mission Earth Adventure Ecology<>800
Engineer Automatic Edition Mission Earth: 3236<>800
Ingenieur Automatic Edition Zinedine Zidane: 3234<>800
Engineer chronograph<>800
Engineer Chronograph – 3725>800
Engineer Chronograph AMG: 3725>800
Ingenieur Chronograph Racer – 3785<>800
Engineer Chronograph Silver Arrow – 3785<>800
Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium – 3765>800
Ingenieur Double Chronograph Titanium – 3865>800
Engineer Dual Time Titanium – 3264<>650
Engineer Midsize: 4515<>650
Engineer Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month – 3792<>800
IWC Porsche Design Chronograph 02: 3701>800
IWC Porsche Design Compass: 3510, 3511, 3551<>650
IWC Porsche Design Ocean 2000: 3500, 3504, 3524<>650
1IWC Porsche Design Ocean 500: 3503, 3523<>650
IWC Porsche Design Titan Automatic: 3520<>8650
IWC Porsche Design Titanium Chronograph: 3702, 3704>800
Lady's Mark XII: 4421<>800
Novocento Automatic: 3226<>800
Novocento Perpetual Calendar: 3546, 9237<>800
Pilot's chronograph>800
Pilot's Split-Seconds Chronograph: 3711, 3713>800
Pilot's Watch Chrono-Automatic – 3706, 3717>800
Pilot's Watch Chrono-Automatic Edition Antoine de Saint Exupery: 3717>800
Pilot's Watch Chrono-Automatic Edition Top Gun: 3789>800
Pilot's Watch Chronograph Edition Antoine Saint Exupery – 387805<>800
Pilot's Watch Chronograph Edition Tribute to Patrouille Suisse – 3717>800
Pilot's Watch Chronograph Top Gun – 3880<>800
Pilot's Watch Chronograph Top Gun Miramar – 3880<>800
Pilot's Watch Double Chronograph – 3786>800
Pilot's Watch Double Chronograph Edition Top Gun: 3799>800
Pilot's Watch for Father: 5004<>1000
Pilot's Watch for Son: 3255<>650
Pilot's Watch Mark XII: 3241<>800
Pilot's Watch Mark XV: 3253<>650
Pilot's Watch Mark XVI For Father And Son – 325519<>650
Pilot's Watch Mark XVl: 3255<>650
Pilot's Watch Midsize: 3256<>650
Pilot's Watch UTC – 3251<>650
Pilot's Watch UTC Edition Antoine de Saint Exupery: 3261<>650
Portofino Automatic – 3513<>650
Portofino Automatic – 3533<>650
Portofino Automatic – 3563<>650
Portofino Automatic – 3565<>650
Portofino Chronograph – 3783>800
Portofino Chronograph – 3910>800
Portofino Chronograph Edition Laureus Sport For Good Foundation – 3910>800
Portofino Midsize: 3564<>650
Portofino Perpetual Calendar: 3541<>650
Portuguese Automatic – 3531<>800
Portuguese Automatic – 5001<>1000
Portuguese Automatic 2000 – 5000<>1000
Portuguese Automatic Edition Dragon Year – 500125<>1000
Portuguese Automatic Edition Tribeca Film Festival 2013<>1000
Portugieser Automatic w/date: 3532<>800
Portuguese Chrono-Automatic Edition Laureus Sport for Good Foundation: 3714>800
Portuguese Chronograph – Automatic: 3714>800
Portuguese Grande Complication: 3774>800
Portuguese Perpetual Calendar<>1000
Portuguese Perpetual Calendar – 5021<>1000
Portuguese Perpetual Calendar – 5023<>1000
Portuguese Perpetual Calendar – 5032<>1000
Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Edition Luis Figo: 5021<>1000
Portuguese Perpetual Calendar II: 5022<>1000
Portuguese tourbillon Mystere – 5042<>1000
Portuguese Tourbillon Mystere Retrograde: 5044<>1000
Portuguese tourbillon Mystere Squelette: 5043<>1000
Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph – 3902<>800
Romain Demi-Plat Automatic: 3208<>800
Skeleton: 2701>800
Spitfire Chrono-Automatic Edition Antoine de Saint Exupery: 3717>800
Spitfire Chronograph>800
Spitfire Double Chronograph: 3718>800
Spitfire Mark XV<>650
Spitfire Mark XVl: 3255<>650
Spitfire Midsize<>650
Spitfire UTC: 3251<>650
Jacob & Co.
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Automatic chronograph>800
Five Time Zone Automatic>800
H-24 Five Time Zone Automatic>800
The Standard<>650
Valentin Yudashkin<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
1397 Classic Automatic<800
1398 Woman's Classic Automatic<800
916D Classic Moon Phase Chronograph Automatic>800
Automatic 3-hand models<>650
Automatic chronographs>800
Automatic Moon Phase Chronograph>800
GU163 Geneve Automatic<>650-800
GU180 Grande Classique Automatic<>650-800
GU186 Sigma Automatic<>650-800
GU187 Sigma Chronograph Automatic>800
GU189 Tempora Chronograph Automatic>800
GU209 Ltd Ed<>650
Jaeger Lecoultre

Master Calendar Q1552540<>800Master Calendar Q1558421<>800Master Chronograph Cal.751G<>800

Watch modelDirectionTurns
AMVOX 1 Al-Ast-Mart<>800
AMVOX1 alarm<>800
AMVOX1 R Alarm – Aston Martin Special Edition<>800
AMVOX 2<>800
AMVOX2 chronograph<800-950
AMVOX2 Chronograph DBS<800-950
AMVOX2 Chronograph Racing<800-950
AMVOX2 DBS transponder<800-950
AMVOX2 Grande Chronograph<800-950
AMVOX2 Rapid Transponder<800-950
AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT<800-950
AMVOX5 World Chronograph<>650-950
AMVOX 5 World Chronograph Cermet<>800
AMVOX 5 World Chronograph LMP1<>800
AMVOX5 World Chronograph Racing<>650-950
AMVOX 7 chronograph<>800
AMVOX DBS transponder<>800
Antoine LeCoultre<>800
Classic Crushed Black Diamond Watch – DCM06848<800-950
Compressor Memovox<>800
Deep Sea Chrono<>800
Deep Sea Chrono Cermet<>800
Deep Sea Vintage<>800
Gentilhomme Automatic<>800
Gentilhomme Ultraslim<>800
Geophysics 1958<>800
Geophysics Universal Time<>800
Homage to Geophysics 1958<>800
JLC Caliber 362>650
JLC Caliber 476>720-800
JLC Caliber 481>720-800
JLC Caliber 497<>720-800
JLC Caliber 751<800-950
JLC Caliber 751A/1<>800-950
JLC Caliber 751D<>800-950
JLC Caliber 751E<>800-950
JLC Caliber 751F<>800-950
JLC Caliber 751G<>800-950
JLC Caliber 752<>650-950
JLC Caliber 753<>650-950
JLC Caliber 754<>650-950
JLC Caliber 757D<800-950
JLC Caliber 812<720-860
JLC Caliber 813<720-860
JLC Caliber 817<>720-800
JLC Caliber 815<720-900
JLC Caliber 825<720-900
JLC Caliber 880<>800
JLC Caliber 881<>800
JLC Caliber 882<>800
JLC Caliber 883<>800
JLC Caliber 888<>800
JLC Caliber 889<>800
JLC Caliber 891<>800
JLC Caliber 896<800-950
JLC Caliber 899<800-950
JLC Caliber 900<>800
JLC Caliber 906<>800
JLC Caliber 909<>800
JLC Caliber 912<>800
JLC Caliber 914<>800
JLC Caliber 916<>800
JLC Caliber 918<>800
JLC Caliber 923<800-950
JLC Caliber 924<800-950
JLC Caliber 925<600
JLC Caliber 928<>800
JLC Caliber 929/3<>800
JLC Caliber 936<800-950
JLC Caliber 937<800-950
JLC Caliber 938<800-950
JLC Caliber 942<>800
JLC Caliber 956<800-950
JLC Caliber 960<>800
JLC Caliber 960M<>800
JLC Caliber 960R<>800
JLC Caliber 970<800-950
JLC Caliber 971<800-950
JLC Caliber 972<800-950
JLC Caliber 975<800-950
JLC Caliber 976<800-950
JLC Caliber 977<800-950
JLC Caliber 978<800-950
JLC Caliber 979<800-950
JLC Caliber 982<800
JLC Caliber 985<800
JLC Caliber 988<800-950
Master Calendar<800-950
Master Calendar – 1512, 15181<800-950
Master Classic<>800
Master Compressor Automatic<>800
Master Compressor Automatic Lady<800-950
Master Compressor Chrono<>800
Master Compressor Chrono Ceramic<>800
Master Compressor Chronograph II<800-950
Master Compressor Diver<>800
Master Compressor Diver GMT<800
Master Compressor Diver Lady<>800
Master Compressor Diver Pro<>800
Master Compressor Diver Pro Edition 500<>800
Master Compressor Diving Alarm Navy SEALs<800-950
Master Compressor Diving Automatic Navy SEALs<800-950
Master Compressor Diving Chronograph<800-950
Master Compressor Diving Chronograph GMT Navy SEALs<800-950
Master Compressor Diving Chronograph Lady<800-950
Master Compressor Diving Geographic Navy SEALs<800-950
Master Compressor Diving GMT<800-950
Master Compressor Diving GMT Lady<800-950
Master Compressor Diving GMT Lady Ceramic<800-950
Master Compressor Diver Pro<>800
Master Compressor Diver Pro Edition 500<>800
Master Compressor Diving Pro Geographic<800-950
Master Compressor Diving Pro Geographic Navy SEALs<800-950
Master Compressor Dualmatic<800-950
Master Compressor Extreme Lab<>800
Master Compressor Extrem Lab 2<>800
Master Compressor Extreme Tourbillon<800-950
Master Compressor Extreme W alarm<>800
Master Compressor Extreme W-Alarm ASTON MARTIN<>800
Master Compressor Extreme W-Alarm “46” Valentino Rossi Ltd. Ed.<>800
Master Compressor Extreme W Alarm “Tides of Time”<>800
Master Compressor Extreme W Chrono<>800
Master Compressor Extreme W-Chrono Texalium<>800
Master Compressor Geographic<800
Master Compressor GMT<800-950
Master Compressor Memovox<>800
Master Control<800
Master Control Date Cal.899.1<800
Master Control Geographic<800-950
Master Control Grande Tourbillon<800-950
Master Control Reserve De Marche<800-950
Master date<>800
Master Date Tourbillon 39<800-950
Master Geographic – Caliber 929/3<>800
Master Geographic – Caliber 937<800-950
Master Geographic – Caliber 939B/1<800
Master Grande Memovox<>800
Master Grande Reveil<>800
Master Grande taille<>800
Master Grande Tourbillon<800-950
Master Grande Tourbillon Continents<800-950
Master Grande Tourbillon Enamel<800-950
Master Grande Tourbillon Set<800-950
Master Grande Trad-Repetition Minutes<>800
Master Grande Trad-Tourb A Quat-Perpetual<>800
Master Grande Tradition A Tourbillon 43<800-950
Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon 5042520<820
Master Grande Ultra Thin<800-950
Master home time<1350
Master Hometime ASTON MARTIN<800
Master Memovox<800-950
Master Moon<>800
Master Perpetual<>800
Master Reserve De Marche – Caliber 928<>800
Master Reserve De Marche – Caliber 938<800-950
Master Reserve De Marche Collection Tiaras<>800
Master Reveil<>800
Master Tourbillon<800-950
Master Tourbillon Dualtime – 1562<>800-950
Master Tourbillon Squelette (SQ)<>800-950
Master Tourbillon Wild<>800-950
Master Twinkling Diamonds<>800
Master Ultra Thin<800
Master Ultra Thin Date SIHH2015<800
Master Ultra Thin Minute Repeater Tourbillon>670
Master Ultra Thin Perpetual<820
Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon<800
Master Ultra Thin Moon 39<600
Master Ultra Thin Reserve De Marche<800-950
Master World Geographic<>800-950
Memovox Tribute To Deep Sea<>800
Memovox Tribute To Polaris<>800
Odysseus Geographic<>800
Odysseus Moon<>800
Odysseus Quantieme Perpetuel<>800
Odysseus Ultraslim Automatic<>800
Rendez-Vous Tourbillon<800-950
Rendez-Vous Tourbillon Enamel<800-950
Reverso Grande<800
Reverso Grande Night & Day<>800
Reverso Gran'Sport Automatic<>800
Reverso Grande Automatique<800-950
Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT<>650
Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT Palermo<>650
Reverso Squadra Chronograph GMT Black<>650-950
Reverso Squadra Hometime<800
Reverso Squadra Hometime Black<>800-950
Reverso Squadra Lady Automatic<>800-950
Reverso Squadra World Chronograph<>650-950
Reverso Squadra World Chronograph Polo Fields<>650-950
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Admiral: L3,666>800
Admiral: L3.667 Chronograph>800
Admiral: L3,668>800
Admiral: L3.669 2nd Time Zone>800
Admiral: L3.670 Chronograph>800
Navigation: L2.619, L2.628, l2.629<>650
Navigation: L2.620 Chronograph<>800
Navigation: L2.631<>650
Caliber 561<>650
Caliber 561.3<>650
Caliber 580.2<>650
Caliber 562<>650
Caliber 563<>650
Caliber 593>650-800
Caliber 595>650-800
Caliber 599<>650
Caliber 600<>650
Caliber 601<>650
Caliber 602<>650
Caliber 607<>650
Caliber 609<>650
Caliber 613<>650
Caliber 614<>650
Caliber 615<>650
Caliber 619<>650
Caliber 631<>650
Caliber 633<>650
Caliber 635<>650
Caliber 636<>650
Caliber Caliber 636.3<>650
Caliber Caliber 636.5<>650
Caliber Caliber 640<>650
Caliber Caliber 645<>650
Caliber Caliber 646<>650
Caliber Caliber 650<>650
Caliber 651<>650
Caliber 652>800
Caliber 667>800
Caliber 674>800
Caliber 678>800
Caliber 678.2>800
Caliber 683>800
Caliber 686>800
Caliber 691>800
Caliber 693>800
Caliber 696>800
Caliber 697>800
Caliber 698>800
Caliber 699>800
Caliber 704>800
Caliber 705>800
Caliber 990<800
Caliber 992<800
Caliber 994<800
Caliber 5851<>650
Caliber 5871<>650
Conquest 1958: L1.611.6.78.1<>650
Conquest Automatic: L1.<>650
Conquest Automatic: L1.634.4.16.6<>650
Conquest Automatic: L1.641 Chronograph<>650
Conquest Automatic: L1.642 Replica Chronograph Moon Phase>800
Conquest Automatic: L3.657<>650
Conquest Automatic: L3.661 Chronograph>800
Conquest Automatic: L3.662>800
Conquest Automatic: L3.665 Chronograph<>650
Dolce Vita Automatic: L5.657, L5.667>650-800
Double Fries Chronograph: L4.686.4.12.2>800
Evidenza: L2,142 Diamonds - Ladies>650-800
Evidenza: L2.156 Diamonds Chronograph – Ladies>650-800
Evidence: L2,642<>650
Evidenza: L2,642 Diamonds – Mens<>650
Evidence: L2,643<>650
Evidenza: L2.643 Diamonds Chronograph – Mens<>650
Evidenza: L2.670 Twin-Aperture Date Calendar<>650
Evidence: L2,671 Moon Phases<>650
Evidenza: L2,672 Power Reserve<>650
Evidence: L2,688>800
Evidence: L2.701>800
Evidence: L2,729 Small Seconds<>650
Flagship: L2.746, L4.746 Re-edition<>650
Flagship: L4.217>650-800
Flagship: L4.717<>650
Flagship: L4.718 Chronograph<>650
Flagship: L4.750 Chronograph with Moon Phase>800
Flagship: L4.756 Chronograph Re-edition<>650
Francillon: L2,637<800
Grand Vitesse: L3,635<>650
Grand Vitesse: L3.636>650-800
GrandVitesse: L3.637 Chronograph>800
Heritage 1915: L7.881<>650
Heritage: L1.611<>650
Heritage: L1,641<>650
Heritage: L1,645<>650
Heritage: L1,647<>650
Heritage: L1,767<>650
Heritage: L2..637 Clou De Paris>800
Heritage: L2.601<>650
Heritage: L2,650<>650
Heritage: L2,678>800
Heritage: L2.713>800
Heritage: L2.730 Chronograph>800
Heritage: L2.731 Power Reserve<>650
Heritage: L3,674<>650
Heritage: L4,746<>650
Heritage: L4,756<>650
Heritage: L4.792 Chronograph & Moon Phase>800
Heritage: L4,795<>650
Heritage: L4,796>800
Heritage: L7.885.4.73.2 Honor & Glory>800
Honor & Glory<>650
HydroConquest: L3.641, L3.642, L3.649, L3.655<>650
HydroConquest: L3.644, L3.651, L3.673>800
HydroConquest: L3,665>800
Istituto Idografico Regia Marina Chronograph: L2.677<>650
La Grande Classique de Longines: L4.708, L4.738>650-800
Les Grandes Classiques de Longines: L4,760<>650
Lindbergh Atlantic Voyage Chronograph (Greenland): L2.730>800
Lindbergh Hour-Angle Model 2006 / 75th Anniversary Edition: L2..678>800
Lindbergh Original Hour Angle Watch: L2.601.4.11.2<>650
Master Collection: L1.648 Big Date Calendar<>650
Master Collection: L2.128>650-800
Master Collection: L2,503<>650
Master Collection: L2,518<>650
Master Collection: L2,628<>650
Master Collection: L2.629 Chronograph<>650
Master Collection: L2.631 GMT<>650
Master Collection: L2.665 Three Hands Date Calendar>800
Master Collection: L2.666 Power Reserve>800
Master Collection: L2.669 Chronograph<>650
Master Collection: L2,673 Moon Phases>800
Master Collection: L2.676 Twin-Aperture Date Calendar<>650
Master Collection: L2,689>800
Master Collection: L2.693 Chronograph>800
Master Collection: L2.708 Power Reserve<>650
Master Collection: L2.714.716 Weems Second-Setting Watch>800
Master Collection: L2.715 Power Reserve>800
Master Collection: L2,716>800
Master Collection: L2,717>800
Master Collection: L2,718>800
Olympic Collection<>650
Opposition: L3.623.4.72.6<>650
PrimaLuna: L8.111>650-800
Replica 1945: L4.685.4.76.2<>650
Spirit Automatic<>650
Spirit Chronograph<>650
Sports Legends: L2.601<>650
Sports Legends: L2,678>800
Sports Legends: L2.713>800
Sports Legends: L3,674<>650
Tonneau Chronograph: L4.684.4.11.2>800
Louis Erard
Watch modelDirectionTurns
1931 Chrono 39mm>800
1931 Chrono 44mm>800
1931 Dualtie<>650
1931 Heritage Automatic<>650
1931 Heritage Chrono>800
1931 Jubile Phase de Lune<>650
1931 Moon Phase<>650
1931 Regulator Reserve de Marche<>650
1931 Retorgrade<>650
1931 Tonneau Classic Moonphase<>650
1931 Tonneau GMT big date<>650
1931 Tonneau Open Moonphase<>650
Excellence Chrono>800
Heritage Chronograph>800
Heritage Chronograph Day Date>800
Heritage Day Date<>650
Heritage Paris<>650
La Caree Automatic<>650
La Caree Chronograph>800
La Sportive Automatic<>650
La Sportive Chronograph>800
La 1TP23 Live Day Date<>650
La Sportive GMT<>650
Les Asymetriques Chronograph>800
Les Asymetriques Chronograph>800
Les Asymetriques Lady<>650
Les Asymetriques Homme<>650
Les Asymetriques Panorama Date<>650
Move automatically<>650
Louis Moinet
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Jules Verne instrument 1>800
Jules Verne Instrument 2>800
Twintech chronograph>800
Louis Vuitton
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Speedy Automatic<>650
Speedy chronograph<>650
Speedy Power Reserve<>650
Speedy Tambour Mystery<>650
Speedy Tambour Orientation<>650
Tambour America's Cup Automatic Regatta 44mm<>650-800
Tambour Automatic Chronograph – Q112<>650
Tambour Automatic Chronograph – Q114>800
Tambour Automatic GMT – Q113<>650
Tambour Automatic LV Cup<>650
Tambour Chronograph Volez II<>650-800
Tambour Diving Automatic<>650-800
Tambour Diving Automatic Gray 44mm<>650
Tambour Diving II Automatic – Q10A<>650
Tambour Diving II Automatic Blue<>650
Tambour Diving II Automatic Chronograph – Q10>800
Tambour Diving XL – Q10310<>650
Tambour Forever Automatic Chronograph>800
Tambour GMT Alarm – Q11520>800
Tambour GMT Black Force 44mm<>650
Tambour in Black Automatic GMT 39.5mm<>650
Tambour in Black Automatic Power Reserve 44mm<>650-800
Tambour in Black Chronograph Chronometer>800
Tambour Large GMT Gold 41mm<>650
Tambour Louis Vuitton Cup Regatta<>650-800
Tambour LV 277 Chronograph Chronometer>800
Tambour Silver Dust GMT - Q111E0<>650
Tambour Spin Time Automatic GMT<>650
Tambour Steel & Gold - Q112<>650
Tambour Steel & Gold - Q123<>500-900
Tambour Twin Chronograph<>670
Tambour V Large Automatic Lady - Q11D50<>650
Tambour Voyagez Chronograph - Q102<>650-800
Tambour Voyagez II<>650-800
Unlimited Automatic Chronograph<>650
Maurice lacroix
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Aikon Mercury<>650
Aikon Skeleton<>650
Aikon Venturer<>650
Classiques Date Automatique 2010<>650
Classiques Date Automatique 2013<>650
Classiques Joures Retrograde<>650
Croneo 2736 1121>800
Croneo 39721 6725 6728>800
Croneo 67784>800
Croneo Roger Federer>800
Les Classiques Chrono>800
Les Classiques Chrono Edition 2011>800
Les Classiques Grande Date GMT<>650
Les Classiques Phase de Lune<>650
Les Classiques Reserve de Marche<>650
Les Classiques Tradition<>650
Les Classiques Tradition limited 2013<>650
Masterpiece Aiguilles<>650
Masterpiece Calendar Retrograde Limited Edition<>510
Masterpiece Chrono Globe>800
Masterpiece Cing & Cing<>650
Masterpiece Cing Aiguilles<>650
Masterpiece Croneo>800
Masterpiece Double Retrograde<>510
Masterpiece Flyback Annuaires<>650
Masterpiece Flyback Aviator<>650
Masterpiece Flyback Grand Guichet<>650
Masterpiece Grand Guichet<>650
Masterpiece Grant Guichet Ladies<>650
Masterpiece Gravity<>650
Masterpiece Jours Retrogrades<>650
Masterpiece Jours Retrograde Tonneau<>650
Masterpiece Lune Retrograde<>650
Masterpiece Masterchrono>650
Masterpiece Phase de Lune<>650
Masterpiece Phase de Lune Ladies<>650
Masterpiece Phase de Lune Tonneau<>650
Masterpiece regulator<>650
Masterpiece Reveal>800
Masterpiece Reveal Globe>800
Masterpiece Seconde Mystery<>650
Masterpiece Square Wheel<>670
Memoir 1<>650
Pontus 1967<>650
Pontos 62773 6701<>650
Pontos 68774 1101 68775 1704 6705<>650
Pontos 9776 1122 9777 1723 6721 6722<>650
Pontos Automatique Gents<>650
Pontos Automatique Ladies<>650
Pontos Chronograph 43mm PT 7538 PT 7548>800
Pontos chronograph>800
Pontos Chronograph 43mm>800
Pontos Chronograph Bicolor>800
Pontos Chronographe Rectangulaire>800
Pontos Chronograph S>800
Pontos Chronograph Titanium>800
Pontos Chronographe Valgranges>800
Pontos Chronograph Vintage>800
Ponto's date<>650
Ponto's DayDate<>650
Pontos DayDate Vintage<>650
Pontos Decentrique<>650
Pontos Decentrique GMT<>650
Pontos Decentrique GMT Berlin Edition<>650
Pontos Decentrique Phase de Lune<>650
Pontos GMT 10818 1101 1702 6703 PT 6068<>650
Pontos Grande Guichet GMT<>650
Pontos Jourse Date<>650
Pontos Limited Edition 2005>800
Pontos Limited Edition 2012<>650
Pontos Power Reserve PT6088>820
Pontos Rectangular>800
Pontos Rectangular Reserve de Marche<>650
Ponto's Reserve de Marche<>650
Pontus Roi<>650
Pontos S Diver<>650
Pontos S Extreme>800
Pontos S Extreme Blue>800
Pontos S Extreme Edition>800
Pontos S Extreme Khaki>800
Pontos S FC Barcelona>800
Pontos S Regatta<>650
Pontos S Supercharged>800
Pontos S blue>800
Ponto's The Olympians>800
Roger Federer Croneo Special Edition>800
Square Wheel ML156<>650
Square Wheel Vintage ML156<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
HM2 Only Watch 2009<500
HM2 SV 2010<500
HM3 FROG>500
HM3 MegaWind>500
HM3 Moon Machine>500
HM6 Alien Nation<650
HM6 SV<650
HM6 Space Pilot<650
HM7 Aquapod<650
HM7 Aquapod Green<650
Legacy Machine FlyingT<650
Moon Machine 2>500
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Lunascope Gold<>650
Metris Black<>650
Metris Bronze<>650
Neo 1Z<>650
Neo 2Z<>650
Neo F<>650
No. 3<>650
No 3 Sapphire Blue hours<>650
Pangea 2Z<>650
Pangea Date<>650
Pangea Day-Date<>650
Perigraph Black<>650
Perigraph bronze<>650
Salthora Meta<>650
Salthora Meta X<>650
Salthora Meta transparent<>650
Scrypto 3Z<>650
Singular dark>800
Urban DayDate Miyota<650
Michel Herbelin
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Classic automatic<>650
Escapade Automatic<>650
Classic Automatic<>650
Newport Automatic>800
Newport Chrono>800
Newport J Class<>650
Newport J-Class Chronograph>800
Newport J-Class Chronograph Flyback>800
Newport J-Class Chronograph Power Reserve>800
Newport J-Class GMT<>650
Newport Trophy Automatic<>650
Newport Trophy Grand Sport<>650
Newport Trophy Grand Sport<>650
Newport Trophy Grand Sport Chrono>800
Newport Trophy Grand Sport Chrono LE>800
Newport Trophy Grand Sport GMT<>650
Newport Trophy Grand Sport LE<>650
Newport Yacht Club Chrono>800
Newport Yacht Club Chrono LE>800
Watch modelDirectionTurns
All Dial Chrono>800
All dial chronograph>800
All dial chronometers<>650
All Dial Divers<>650
All Dial Gent<>650
All Dial Gent CHM<>650
All dial GMT<>650
All dial helium valve<>650
All Dial Lady<>650
All Dial Lady II<>650
1All Dial Ltd Ed 90th Anniversary<>650
All Dial Sport Chronometer<>650
Baroncelli Automatic (2006)<>650
Baroncelli Chrono>800
Baroncelli Gent GMT<>650
Baroncelli Ghent II<>650
Baroncelli Ghent III<>650
Baroncelli Jubilee<>650
Baroncelli Lady Diamonds<>650
Baroncelli Lady II<>650
Baroncelli Moon Phase Chronograph>800
Baroncelli Power Reserve<>650
Baroncelli Tonneau Gent Ltd Ed<>650
Baroncelli Tonneau I<>650
Baroncelli Tonneau II<>650
Baroncelli Tonneau Lady<>650
Belluna Ghent<>650
Belluna Gent GMT<>650
Belluna Gent Sport<>650
Belluna Lady/td><>650
Commander Chrono>800
Commander Chronometer<>650
Commander Gent<>650
Commander Gent Classic<>650
Commander Gold<>650
Commander Gold Limited Edition<>650
Commander Lady<>650
Commander Lady Chrono>800
Commander Lady Diamonds<>650
Multifort Automatic Chronograph>800
Multifort Center Chronograph<>650
Multifort Center Chronometer<>650
Multifort Chrono>800
Multifort Ghent<>650
Multifort Lady<>650
Multifort Lady II<>650
Multifort Rectangular<>650
Multifort Special Edition Black PVD>800
Ocean Star Automatic Chronograph>800
Ocean Star Captain Gent<>650
Ocean Star Captain Lady<>650
Ocean Star Sport<>650
Ocean Star Sport Chrono>800
Ocean Star Sport Diver<>650
Ocean Star Sport Gent<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
1858 automatic<>650
1858 bronze>650
1858 Chrono>800
1858 Chrono Limited Edition<>800
1858 dual time>650
1858 Geosphere<>800
1858 Geosphere Limited Edition>850
4810 Chrono SW500<>800
Bohemian date car<>650
Bohemian Date Auto Jewellery<>650
Bohème Perpetual Cal. Jewellery<>650
Chronometry Quantiem Anual Vasco da Gamma<>650
Heritage automatic<>650
Heritage Chronometry Dual Time<>650
Heritage Chronometry Quantiem Anual<>650
Heritage Chronometry Quantiem Complete Vasco da Gamma<>650
Heritage Chronometry Twintimer<>650
Heritage Exo Tourbillon<>850
Heritage Exo Tourbillon Vasco da Gamma<>850
Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum<>650
Heritage Vasco da Gamma SIHH 2015>650
Masterpiece Chrono<>800
Masterpiece Herritage<>650
Masterpiece Herritage Moonphase<>650
Meisterstück Herritage Perpetual Calendar<>650
Masterpiece Large>650
Masterpiece medium<>700
Masterpiece Reveil<>800
Moonwalker GMT<>650
Nicolas Rieussec Chrono<>850
Nicolas Rieussec Homage to NR<>850
Nicolas Rieussec Homage to NR II<>850
Nicolas Rieussec Open Hometime<>850
Nicolas Rieussec Rising Hours>850
Sport Chronograph>800
Sport Chronograph Black>800
Sport Chronograph Tantalum Automatic>800
Sport Chronograph Titanium>800
Sport DLC Chronograph<>800
Sport Large>650
Sport pilot>800
Sport Steel Chrono<>800
Sport Steel GMT>650
Sport Steel Pilot>800
Star Chrono GMT<>800
Star Classic Automatic<>650
Star applies<>650
Star Lady Moon Phase<>650
Star Nicolas Rieussec Chrono<>650
Star Platinum>650
Star Platinum Chronograph GMT 42mm<>800
Star Quantieme Complete<>650
Star retro trade<>650
Star Twin Moonphase SIHH 2014<>650
Star XXL>650
Star XXXL Chronograph GMT<>800
Time Walker Big Date>650
Time Walker Chrono>800
Time Walker Chrono Extreme DLC>800
Time Walker Chrono Pilot>800
Time Walker Chrono SIHH 2017<>800
Time Walker Chrono TwinFly<>850
Time Walker Chrono TwinFly GrayTech>850
Time Walker Chrono Voyager UTC<>800
Time Walker Exo Tourbillon 100<>850
Time Walker GMT1<>650
Time Walker Manufacture Chrono<>850
Time Walker Manufacture Goodwood<>850
Time Walker Northern Hemisphere<>650
Time Walker Panda<>850
Time Walker Panda Reverse<>850
Time Walker Southern Hemisphere>650
Time Walker Steel Gold Chrono<>800
Time Walker Twin Fly Chrono Gray Tech<>850
Time Walker Twin Fly Chrono Gray Tech<>850
Time Walker Voyager UTC<>650
Time Walker World-Time Hemispheres<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Botelo Automatic<>650
Kingmatic Chronograph>800
Kingmatic Classic<>650
Kingmatic Diver<>650
Master Chrono>800
Museum Automatic<>650
Museum Red Label Calendomatic<>650
Museum Red Label Planisphere<>650
Museum Red Label Skymap<>650
New Vizio<>650
SE Automatic<>650
SE Extremes<>650
SE Extreme Texalium<>650
Muhle glassworks
Watch modelDirectionTurns
29er Big<>650
29er chronograph>800
ATP One<>650
Audi Horch Ltd.>800
Big Sports M12<>650
Business lady<>650
Business Timer 2000<>650
Cap Polonio<>600-800
Cap Polonio Ltd Ed<>650
Chronograph-II, Chronograph-II with Gold Bezel>800
Chronometer MVI<>650
City Automatic 99<>650
City Automatic I<>650
City Automatic II<>650
City Automatic IV<>650
City Automatic V<>650
City Automatic VIII<>650
City Automatic XIII<>650
Cockpit timer chronometer<>650
Cockpit Timer Chronometer / Chronograph>800
Duotime-I Automatic<>650
Germanika I>800
Germanica II<>650
Germanica III<>650
Germanika IV<>650
Global timer<>650
Grand Sports M12<>650
High-tech chronograph>800
Junior I<>650
Lady Sport Automatic- I, II<>650
Lady-Matic-Gold I, II, 99<>650
Lufthansa chronograph>800
Lufthansa Model 1<>650
Lufthansa Type 3 World Time<>650
M6 chronometers<>650
Medium I / Medium II<>650
Men's Sports Diver's Watch-Automatic<>650
Modern Art – Big Size<>650
Nautical timer<>650
Naval Aviation Chronograph III>800
Naval Aviation Chronometer-M2 / M2-Gold<>650
Passenger I<>650
Passenger II<>650
Passenger III<>650
Pilot I>800
Pilot II>800
Pilot III<>650
Pilot IV<>650
Power Reserve Indicator<>650
Quadro Automatic I, II<>650
Rasmus 1000M Diver<>650
Robert Muhle Special Edition 1: Chronograph>800
Robert Muhle Special Edition 2: Grande Date<>650
Robert Muhle Special Edition 3: Power Reserve with 2nd Time Zone<>650
Robert Muhle Special Edition 4: 3 Hands<>650
Robert Muhle Special Edition 5<>650
SAR Rescue Timer M1-41-03<>650
Terranaut I>800
Terranaut II<>650
Terranaut III<>650
Terrasport I<>650
Terrasport II<>650
Terrasport III<>650
Teutonia II Big Date<>650
Teutonia II Chronograph>800
Teutonia II chronometer<>650-800
Teutonia II chronometer<>650
Teutonia II Lady<>650
Teutonia II Small Seconds<>650
Teutonia SC>800
Teutonia SC Edition 2009<>650
Titanium Chronometer M4<>650
Titan Naval Aviation Watch-M3<>650
Traveler Automatic w/Timing Reserve Display<>650
Vision 2000<>650
Vision 2001 Architectura Automatic w/ central seconds<>650
Vision 2001 Futura w/ small seconds sub-dial<>650
Vision 2001 Techno Chronograph>800
Nomo's glassworks
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Ludwig automatic<>650-950
Ludwig automatic date<>650-950
Zurich date<>650-950
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Centenary watch 1948<>650
Constellation 1952<>650
Constellation 38mm model 2009<>650
Constellation Chronometer 2342 Titanium>800
Constellation Chronometer 8521 27mm<>650
Constellation Chronometer 8612 Day Date<>650
Constellation DayDate caliber 8600<>650
Constellation Double Eagle<>650
Constellation Double Eagle 4 Counters>700
Constellation Double Eagle Chronograph 1514>650
Constellation Double Eagle Chronometer 1101-1201-1503<>650
Constellation Double Eagle Chronometer 1203<>650
Constellation Double Eagle Co-Axial Chrono>700
Constellation Globemaster Annual Calendar<>650
Constellation Jewelery Aquila 1900<>650
Constellation Jewelery Berenices and Berenices 1900<>650
Constellation Jewelery Cassiopeia 1900<>650
Constellation Ladies Automatic 1197>650
Constellation Ladies My Choice Lady Maxi 159171>650
Constellation Minus One Year<>650
Constellation My Choice Lady Maxi>700
Constellation 160 years Gents<>650
Constellation Sedna<>650
Cosmic Watch 1951<>650
De Ville Byzantium 7801 7805<>650
De Ville Co Axial 5911 5912 5921 5931 5932 5941 5942<>650
De Ville Co Axial Chronograph 35mm 4172 4572 4672 4872 4873 4874>650
De Ville Co Axial Chronograph 4141 4150 4541 4542 4641 4650 4841>650
De Ville Co Axial Chronograph Caliber 9300<>650
De Ville Co Axial Chronometer 35mm 4161 4561 4661 4861<>650
De Ville Co Axial Chronometer 4131 4154 4531 4631 4654 4831<>650
De Ville Co Axial GMT 35mm 4162 4562 4662 4862<>650
De Ville Co Axial GMT 4133 4151 4533 4633 4651 4833<>650
De Ville Co Axial Hour Vision<>650
De Ville Co Axial Hour Vision Annual Calendar<>650
De Ville Co Axial Hour Vision Blue<>650
De Ville Co Axial Hour Vision Skeleton<>650
De Ville Co Axial Power Reserve 35mm 4163 4563 4663 4863<>650
De Ville Co Axial Power Reserve 4132 4152 4532 4632 4832<>650
De Ville Co Axial Rattrapante 4647 4847 4848>800
De Ville Co Axial Small Seconds 4613 4813<>650
De Ville Co-Axial Chrono Rattrapante>800
De Ville Co-Axial Chronoscope>700
De Ville Co-Axial Chronoscope GMT>700
De Ville Ladies Co-Axial Automatic 4586<>650
De Ville Ladies Prestige Automatic 4690>650
De Ville Minus 288 days<>650
De Ville Prestige 2500 50th Anniversary<>650
De Ville Prestige 4690>650
De Ville Prestige 469031<>650
De Ville Prestige Automatic 4100 4300 4500 4600 4612 4800<>650
De Ville St Moritz Chronograph 35mm 4873>650
De Ville St Moritz Chronograph 41mm 4663>650
De Ville X2 Big Date 7711 7712<>650
De Ville X2 Chrono>700
De Ville X2 Co-Axial Big Date<>650
De Ville X2 Small Seconds<>650
Dynamic Chronograph 5240<>650
Hour Vision blue<>650
Jewelry 1900<>650
Museums 5700 and 5703>650
Museum Byzantium 7805<>650
Museum Racing Timer<>650
Officers Watch 1945<>650
Pilots Watch 1938<>650
Railmaster Denim<>650
Retrograde Watch 1915>700
Seamaster 120m<>650
Seamaster 1948 Co-Axial London 2012 Edition<>650
Seamaster 1948 Limited Edition<>650
Seamaster 300m 2636 2954<>650
Seamaster 300m 2636 2954<>650
Seamaster 300m 60th Anniversary<>650
Seamaster 300m Cal.8400<>650
Seamaster 300m Cal.8800<>650
Seamaster 300m Ceragold Cal.8400<>650
Seamaster 300m Chronometer 2293 2294 2594 2894 2993>650
Seamaster 300m Diver Chrono Cal.9900<>650
Seamaster 300m Diver Chrono Sedna Gold Cal.9900<>650
Seamaster 300m Diver Chronometer 2136 2231 2232 2254 2255 2531<>650
Seamaster 300m Diver Co Axial Model 2011<>650
Seamaster 300m Diver Platinum<>650
Seamaster 300m GMT 2031 2134 2231 2534 2538 2634 2834<>650
Seamaster 300m GMT 2535<>650
Seamaster 300m Ceramic Cal.8806<>650
Seamaster 300m Mid Size Chronometer 2152 2252 2253 2551<>650
Seamaster 300m RIO 2016<>650
Seamaster 300m Specter Limited Caliber 8400<>650
Seamaster Americas Cup>700
Seamaster Americas Cup Racing Chronograph>700
Seamaster Apnea 2595 2895>800
Seamaster Apnea 300m<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra 15000 Gauss<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m GMT Worldtimer<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra 41mm 2502<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra 8612<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Annual Calendar 8601<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Automatic Ladies 2165>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Big Size Chrono 2102 2502 2602 2802<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Big Size Chrono 2512 2812>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronom 2005 2009 2104 2304 2504 2505 2509 2604<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronometer 2103 2303 2503 2603 2803<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial Insbruck 2012<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial London 2012>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Day Date<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT Cal.8605<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT Cal.8615<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT Cal.9605<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Golf 2011<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Golf 2014<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Golf Ryder Cup<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra James Bond Cal.8507<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Jewellery<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Minus 188 Days<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra NZL-32<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Railmaster Chronograph 2512 2812>800
Seamaster Aqua Terra Railmaster Chronometer 2103 2503 2603 2803<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Tokyo 2020<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra Worldtimer<>650
Seamaster Aqua Terra XXL Small Second<>650
Seamaster Bullhead 1969 Cal.3113>650
Seamaster Chrono 300 M Olympic>700
Seamaster Chrono Diver 300m>700
Seamaster Chrono Diver 300m Cal.3330>800
Seamaster Chrono Diver ETNZ 3330>700
Seamaster Chronometer 2231<>650
Seamaster Classic Co-Axial 300m 2507<>700
Seamaster Co-Axial<>650
Seamaster Countdown 0 XXIX<>650
Seamaster Diver 300M Chrono<>700
Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond<>650
Seamaster Diver 300M Rio 2016<>650
Seamaster Diver Chronograph>800
Seamaster Diver Chronograph 2296 2598>800
Seamaster Diver Vancouver 2010<>650
Seamaster GMT 8602<>650
Seamaster James Bond Collectors Piece 2008<>650
Seamaster NZL-32 Chronometer 150M<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Skyfall Limited Edition<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean Big Blue<>700
Seamaster Planet Ocean Big Size 2200 2208 2500 2900<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean Casino Royale<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean Ceragold 42mm White Planet St.Moritz<>700
Seamaster Planet Ocean Ceragold caliber 9301<>700
Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono 2201 2209 2210 2218 2901 2909 2910 2918<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono 45mm>700
Seamaster Planet Ocean Chrono Jewellery>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean Co-Axial<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean Co-Axial Chrono>700
Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT 43.5mm<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Good Planet Cal.8605<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Master Cal.8906<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean Jewellery<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean caliber 9300<>700
Seamaster Planet Ocean Master Chronometer<>700
Seamaster Planet Ocean Orange Ceramic<>700
Seamaster Planet Ocean Pyeong Chang 2018<>700
Seamaster Planet Ocean Sochi 2014<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean Sochi 2014 Ladies<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean Titan<>650
Seamaster Planet Ocean Tokyo 2020<>650
Seamaster Ploprof 1200m<>650
Seamaster Professional 300m Co-Axial<>650
Seamaster Professional Chronometer 2531<>650
Seamaster Professional GMT Co Axial Chronometer 2535<>650
Seamaster Racing 300m<>650
Seamaster Racing Chronometer 2269 2569 2869 2969>800
Skeletonized Central Tourbillon 2010<>650
Sochi Petrograd<>650
Speedmaster 125 378<>650
Speedmaster 57 Cal 9300<>700
Speedmaster Automatic Chrono 3513 3613>800
Speedmaster Automatic Chronograph>800
Speedmaster Broad Arrow>800
Speedmaster Broad Arrow 42mm>700
Speedmaster Broad Arrow Co-Axial 2010>700
Speedmaster Broad Arrow Rattrapante>700
Speedmaster Broad Arrow XL>800
Speedmaster Cappuccino 38mm>700
Speedmaster Chronometer New Date>700
Speedmaster Co-Axial<>650
Speedmaster Co-Axial Broad Arrow Chrono Rattrapante>800
Speedmaster Co-Axial Moonphase Master Chronometer<>700
Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Cal.9300<>700
Speedmaster Date 3113 3513 3813>800
Speedmaster Date 40mm>800
Speedmaster Day Date Racing Limited Edition>800
Speedmaster Day-Date Functions>800
Speedmaster GMT Solar Impulse>800
Speedmaster Gray Side of the Moon Cal.9300<>700
Speedmaster caliber 9300<>700
Speedmaster Ladies<>650
Speedmaster Ladies Reduced 3815<>650
Speedmaster Mark II 2014>700
Speedmaster Mark II Rio 2016>700
Speedmaster Mark III 176<>650
Speedmaster Mark IV Professional 176<>650
Speedmaster Mark V 376>800
Speedmaster Michael Schumacher Co Axial Chrono>700
Speedmaster Michael Schumacher The Legend>700
Speedmaster Michael Schumacher The Legend 3506 3507 3559>650
Speedmaster Moon Split Seconds Co-Axia>700
Speedmaster Moonphase Chrono Cal.9904<>700
Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Chrono Cal.9300<>700
Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial Moonphase<>700
Speedmaster Moonwatch Enamel>700
Speedmaster Moonwatch Enamel>700
Speedmaster Olympic Timeless Collection>700
Speedmaster OlympicT imeless Collection 5Counters>700
Speedmaster Professional 3151>650
Speedmaster Racing 2012 Cal.3330>800
Speedmaster Racing Chronometer 3552 3852>650
Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer<>700
Speedmaster Reduced<>650
Speedmaster Reduced 3510 3539 3810<>650
Speedmaster Split Seconds>800
Speedmaster Split Seconds 3540 3840>800
Tonneau Renverse<>650
Tonneau Renverse 1952<>650
Tourbillon 5113-5913-5923-5933-5943<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
1904 Centennial Set Steel Worldtimer<>650
Artelier alarm>800
Artelier Big Date<>650
Artelier chronograph>800
Artelier Chronograph (2004)>800
Artelier Chronometer Date<>650
Artelier Complication<>650
Artelier Date<>650
Artelier Date Diamonds<>650
Artelier Lady Date<>650
Artelier Lady Date Diamonds<>650
Artelier Pointer Date<>650
Artelier Skeleton<>650
Artelier Small Second, Date<>650
Artelier Small Second, Pointer Date<>650
Artelier Small Second, Pointer Day<>650
Artelier Worldtimer<>650
BC3 Advanced Ltd. Ed.<>650-800
BC3 Sportsman Watch 42mm<>650-800
BC4 chronograph>800
BC4 The master pilot<>650
BC4 Flight Timer<>650
BC4 Small Second, Pointer Day<>650
Big Crown BC3<>650
Big Crown BC3 Chronograph>800
Big Crown BC3 Day Date<>650
Big Crown BC3 Misc<>650
Big Crown BC3 Divers Regulator<>650
Big Crown BC3 Plus<>650
Big Crown Chronograph>800
Big Crown Commander<>650
Big Crown Complication<>650
Big Crown Divers<>650
Big Crown Flight Timer Day Date<>650
Big Crown Original<>650
Big Crown Pointer Date<>650
Big Crown Telemeter Chronograph>800
Bob Dylan Limited Edition<>650
Chronoris Grand Prix 70 Ltd. Ed. 42.5mm>800
Classic & Classic Original<>650
Classic date<>650
Classic Tonneau Complication<>650
Classic Tonneau Date<>650
Col Moschin Ltd. Ed. 49mm<>650
Diverse date<>650
Divers GMT, Date<>650
Divers Small Second, Date<>650
Divers Titanium Chronograph>800
Divers Titan Date<>650
F1 Team PVD Chronograph>800
Flight Timer 1945 Ltd. Ed.<>650
Flight Timer 2<>650
Flight Timer 2 Day Date<>650
Flight Timer R4118 Limited Edition>800
Frank Sinatra chronograph>800
Frank Sinatra Complication<>650
Frank Sinatra date<>650
Frank Sinatra Duet>800
Frank Sinatra Lady Date<>650
Frank Sinatra Ltd. Edition Power Reserve<>650
Frank Sinatra Small Second, Date<>650
Full Steel Chronometer<>650
Full Steel CS<>650
Full Steel LE Millennium<>650
Full Steel Pointer Day<>650
Full Steel Small Second<>650
Full Steel Worldtimer<>650
Great Barrier Reef Diver Ltd. Ed.<>650
John McLaughlin<>650
Kazuki Nakajima Day Date Watch<>650
Lionel Hampton LE<>650
Louis Armstrong LE<>650
Mark Webber Ltd. Edition Chronograph<>650
Miles Chronograph<>800
Miles Complication<>650
Miles Day<>650
Miles Day/Date<>650
Miles ladies<>650
Miles Ladies Diamonds<>650
Miles Rectangular Complication<>650
Miles Rectangular Date<>650
Miles Rectangular Day Date<>650
Miles Rectangular Diamonds<>650
Miles Rectangular Mother of Pearl<>650
Miles Tonneau Chronograph>800
Miles Tonneau Day Date<>650
Miles Tonneau Worldtimer<>650
Miles Worldtimer<>650
Modern classic<>650
Oris 551<>650
Oris 561<>650
Oris 571<>650
Oris 581<>650
Oris 583<>650
Oris 584<>650
Oris 585<>650
Oris 586<>650
Oris 623 629 633 635 637<>650
Oris 641 643 644 645 646 649<>650
Oris 654 660 665 667 668<>650
Oris 672 673 674 675 676 677 679 680>800
Oris 690 695 733 734<>650
Oris 908>800
Oscar Peterson Ltd. Ed.<>650
Pointer Calendar LE<>650
RAID Chronograph Ltd. Ed.>800
Rectangular Classic<>650
Rectangular date<>650
Rectangular date 2008<>650
Rectangular Date Diamonds<>650
Rectangular Day Date<>650
Regulator “The Master Diver”.<>650
RUF CTR3 chronograph>800
Toots Thielemans LE<>650
TT1 chronograph>800
TT1 Date (Ladies)<>650
TT1 Day Date<>650
TT1 Day Date Lefty<>650
TT1 Divers Carlos Coste Ltd. edition<>650
TT1 Divers Date<>650
TT1 Divers The master diver regulator<>650
TT1 Divers Titanium Chronograph>800
TT1 Divers Titanium Date<>650
TT1 McNish LE<>650
TT1 Professional Divers<>650
TT1 Worldtimer<>650
TT2 Day Date<>650
TT3 chronograph>800
TT3 Chronograph Black>800
TT3 Chronograph, Second Time Zone>800
TT3 Formula Gold Limited Edition>800
TT3 Grand Prix Limited Edition<>650
WilliamsF1 Lefty Ltd. edition>800
WilliamsF1 Team Chrono>800
WilliamsF1 Team Chronograph 2008>800
WilliamsF1 Team Day/Date<>650
WilliamsF1 Team Skeleton Engine Date<>650
Wings Around The World<>650
Worldtimer Jules Verne<>650
Worldtimer Millennium<>650
XXL Basel 2001<>650
XXL chronograph>800
XXL classic<>650
XXL Complication<>650
XXL Date (Classic City Timer)<>650
XXL Full Day<>650
XXL LE<>650
XXL Pointer Day>800
XXL regulator<>650
XXL world timer<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
FER 1 Ferrari Granturismo Automatic>800
FER 2 Ferrari Scuderia Automatic>800
PAM 152 Luminor Sealand for Purdey SE>800
PAM 153 Luminor Sealand for Purdey SE>800
PAM 154 Luminor Sealand for Purdey SE>800
PAM 155 Luminor Sealand for Purdey SE>800
PAM 2001 Family<>650
PAM 46 Radiomir GMT Alarm SE<>650
PAM 48 Luminor Marina Auto 40mm>800
PAM 49 Luminor Marina Auto 40mm>800
PAM 50 Luminor Marina Auto 40mm>800
PAM 51 Luminor Marina Auto 40mm>800
PAM 684 Luminor Submersible 1950<>850
PAM 692 Luminor Submersible 1950 BMG Tech<>850
PAM 726 Luminor 1950 regatta<>850
PAM 755 Luminor Due 3 Days>800
PAM 799 Submersible 1950 Carbotech<>850
PAM 9000 Family<>650
PAM 933 Radomir 1940 3 Days<>850
PAM 947 Submersible 42 Goldtech>800
PAM 956 Luminor Regatta Transat Classique<>850
PAM 968 Submersible Bonzo<>850
PAM 978 Luminor Marina 3 Days<>850
PAM 978 Luminor Marina 3 Days<>850
PAM 984 Submersible Mike Horn<>850
PAM 985 Submersible Mike Horn<>850
Slytech Mare Nostrom<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Basica Joallerie>800
Bugatti Aerolithe Flyback Chrono SIHH2014>500
Bugatti Atalante>500
Bugatti Atlantic 43 Flyback>500
Bugatti Aerolithe Performance>500
Chrono One One Five<>650
Forma Automatique>650
1Forma XL Automatic>650
Kalpa Grande>650
Kalpa Grande Gold>650
Kalpa Grande Gold Palladium>650
Kalpa Grande QF>650
Kalpa Grande Steel>650
Kalpa Hemispheres>650
Kalpa Tonda>650
Kalpa Tonda 42 Hemispheres>650
Kalpa Tonda QF>650
Kalpa Tonda Skeleton>650
Kalpa Tonda Skeleton Big Size>650
Kalpa XL Gold>650
Kalpa XL Steel>650
Phershing 115>800
Phishing 2>800
Phershing Chrono<>650
Tonda 1950 Edition>800
Tonda 1950 Squelette>800
Tonda 42 Hemispheres>800
Tonda Full Calendar>650
Tonda Hemispheres>650
Tonda Metrographe>650
Tonda Metropolitane>650
Tonda Metropolitaine Galaxy>650
Tonda Pomellato>650
Tonda Retrograde>650
Toric Chrono<>650
Toric Chronometer Cadran>650
Toric Qualite Fleurier>650
Toric Retrograde>650
Toric Retrograde Hemispheres>650
Toric Retrograde Perpetual Calendar>650
Patek Phillipe
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Patek Caliber 12/600AT<>800
Patek Caliber 26-330<800
Patek Caliber 27/460<>800
Patek Caliber 28/255<>800
Patek Caliber 31-260 REG QA<800
Patek Caliber 1-350<800
Patek Caliber 240<800
Patek Caliber 310>800
Patek Caliber 315<800
Patek Caliber 324<800
Patek Caliber 330<800
Patek Caliber 335>800
Patek Caliber 350<>800
Patek Caliber AL 30-660 SC FUS>800-1000
Patek Caliber CH 28-520<800
Patek Caliber R CH 27 PS QI>800
Patek Caliber R27>800
3710/1A Nautilus<800
3711/1G Nautilus<800
3712/1 Nautilus<800
3712/1A Nautilus<800
3738/100 Golden Ellipse<800
3738/100G Golden Ellipse<800
3738/100J Golden Ellipse<800
3738/100R Golden Ellipse<800
3800/1 Nautilus (1991+)<800
3800/1A Nautilus (1991+)<800
3800/1JA Nautilus (Prior to 1991)>800
3802/200 Calatrava<800
3940 Perpetual Calendar<800
3974 Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeater>800
3979H Perpetual Calendar Minute Repeater>800
3998 Calatrava<800
4899/901G Calatrava<800
4936 Ladies' Complicated<800
4936G Ladies' Complicated<800
4936J Ladies' Complicated<800
4936R Ladies' Complicated<800
4937G Ladies' Complicated<800
4937R Ladies' Complicated<800
4978/400G Calatrava<800
5000 Calatrava<800
5013 Grand Complications>800
5013G Grand Complications>800
5013J Grand Complications>800
5013P Grand Complications>800
5013R Grand Complications>800
5015 Power Reserve Moon Phase<800
5026P Calatrava<800
5030 Gondolo / Golden Ellipse<800
5030/22 Gondolo / Golden Ellipse<800
5033/100P Men Grand Complications>800
5033P Grand Complications – Exceptional Watches>800
5035 Men's Complicated<800
5036/1 Men's Complicated<800
5037/1 Men's Complicated<800
5039 Perpetual Calendar<800
5040 Perpetual Calendar<800
5041 Grand Complications<800
5050J Perpetual Calendar<800
5053 Calatrava<800
5054 Power Reserve Moon Phase<800
5055 Power Reserve Moon Phase<800
5056P Men's Complicated<800
5059 Perpetual Calendar<800
5060A Aquanaut<800
5062/450R-001 Aquanaut<800
5065 Aquanaut<800
5065/1A Aquanaut<800
5065A Aquanaut<800
5065J Aquanaut<800
5066 Aquanaut<800
5066/1A Aquanaut<800
5066A Aquanaut<800
5067A Aquanaut<800
5068R Ladies' Aquanaut Luce<800
5069G Aquanaut<800
5069R Ladies Aquanaut<800
5072G Ladies Aquanaut<800
5072R Aquanaut<800
5073P Men Grand Complications>800
5074 Grand Complications>800
5074P Grand Complications>800
5074R Grand Complications>800
5078G Grand Complications>800
5078P Grand Complications>800
5079 Perpetual Calendar>800
5085/1A Power Reserve Moon Phase<800
5088/100P Calatrava<800
5102 Grand Complications - Celestial<800
5102PR Grand Complications - Celestial<800
5104P Grand Complications – Exceptional Watches>800
5107 Calatrava<800
5107/1 Calatrava<800
5108 Calatrava<800
5110 World Time<800
5117 Calatrava<800
5118 Calatrava<800
5118P Calatrava<800
5120 Calatrava<800
5120/1 Calatrava<800
5120/1G Calatrava<800
5120/1J Calatrava<800
5120G Calatrava<800
5120J Calatrava<800
5123G Men Complications>800
5125 Annual Calendar – 125th Anniversary Wempe<800
5127 Calatrava<800
5127/1G Calatrava<800
5127/1J Calatrava<800
5127G Calatrava<800
5127J Calatrava<800
5127R Calatrava<800
5130/1G Men Complications<800
5130/1R Men Complications<800
5130G World Time<800
5130J Men Complications World Time<800
5130P World Time<800
5130R World Time<800
5131/1P Complications<800
5131G World Time<800
5131J World Time<800
5135G Gondolo Calendario<800
5135J Gondolo Calendario<800
5135P Gondolo Calendario<800
5135Q Gondolo Calendario<800
5135R Gondolo Calendario<800
5136/1 Men's Complicated – Perpetual Calendar<800
5139G Grand Complications<800
5140 Grand Complications<800
5140G Grand Complications<800
5140J Grand Complications<800
5140P Grand Complications<800
5140R Grand Complications<800
5146 Annual Calendar<800
5146/1G Annual Calendar<800
5146/1J Annual Calendar<800
5146/1R Men Complications<800
5146G Men's Complicated – Annual Calendar<800
5146J Men's Complicated – Annual Calendar<800
5146P Annual Calendar<800
5146R Men's Complicated – Annual Calendar<800
5147G Annual Calendar<800
5153G Calatrava<800
5153J Calatrava – Officer<800
5159G Grand Complications<800
5159J Grand Complications<800
5159R Grand Complications<800
5160/500G Grand Complications<800
5160G Grand Complications<800
5160J Grand Complications<800
5160R Men Grand Complications<800
5164A Aquanaut<800
5164R Aquanaut<800
5165A Aquanaut<800
5167/1A Aquanaut<800
5167A Aquanaut<800
5167R Aquanaut<800
5168G Aquanaut<800
5178G Grand Complications<800
5180/1G Men's Complicated<800
5180/1R Complications<800
5205G Men's Complicated<800
5205R Men Complications<800
5208P Men Grand Complications>800
5208R Grand Complications>800
5212A Complications<800
5213G Men Grand Complications>800
5227G Men Calatrava<800
5227J Men Calatrava<800
5227R Men Calatrava<800
5230G Complications<800
5230R Complications<800
5231J Complications<800
5235/50R Complications<800
5235/50R Complications<800
5235G Men Complications<800
5250 Men's Complicated<800
5296 Calatrava<800
5296G Calatrava<800
5296R Calatrava<800
5297G Calatrava<800
5298P Calatrava<800
5327G Grand Complications<800
5327J Grand Complications<800
5327R Grand Complications<800
5350 Men's Complicated<800
5374P Grand Complications>800
5396/1G Men Complications<800
5396/1R Men Complications<800
5396G Men's Complicated – Annual Calendar<800
5396R Men's Complicated – Annual Calendar<800
5496P Men Grand Complications<800
5496R Grand Complications<800
5520P Grand Complications Alarm Travel Time<800-1000
5524G Complications<800
5524R Complications<800
5531R Grand Complications>800
5711/1A Nautilus<800
5711/1A Nautilus<800
5711/1R Nautilus<800
5712/1A Nautilus<800
5712G Nautilus<800
5712GR Nautilus<800
5712R Nautilus<800
5713/1G Nautilus<800
5719/10G Nautilus<800
5719/1G Nautilus<800
5722G Nautilus<800
5724G Nautilus<800
5724R Nautilus<800
5726/1A Nautilus<800
5726A Nautilus<800
5738/50P Golden Ellipse 50th Anniversary<800
5738P Golden Ellipse<800
5738R Golden Ellipse<800
5740/1G Nautilus<800
5800 Nautilus<800
5930G Complications<800
5940J Men Grand Complications<800
5960/01G Complications<800
5960P Men's Complicated<800
5960R Men Complications<800
5961P Men Complications<800
5961R Complications<800
5968A Aquanaut<800
5980/1A Nautilus<800
5980/1AR Men Nautilus<800
5980/1R Men Nautilus<800
5980R Nautilus<800
5990 Nautilus<800
6000 Calatrava<800
6000G Calatrava<800
6000R Calatrava<800
6006G Calatrava<800
6102 Men Grand Complications<800
6102P Men Complications Celestial<800
6102R Grand Complications Celestial<800
6104G Grand Complications - Celestial<800
6104R Grand Complications Celestial<800
7000R Ladies' Grand Complications>800
7008/1A Ladies' Nautilus<800
7014/1G Ladies Nautilus<800
7014/1R Ladies Nautilus<800
7018/1A Ladies Nautilus<800
7021/1G Ladies' Nautilus<800
7021/1R Ladies Nautilus Diamond Set<800
7118/1200A Nautilus<800
7118/1200R Nautilus<800
7118/1A Nautilus<800
7118/1R Nautilus<800
7130G Ladies' Complicated Watches (World Time)<800
7130R Ladies Complications World Time<800
7140G Grand Complications<800
7140R Ladies' Grand Complications<800
7200/200R Calatrava<800
7200R Ladies Calatrava<800
7234R Complications<800
7300/1200A Twenty-Four<800
7300/1200R Twenty-Four<800
7300/1201R Twenty-Four<800
7300/1450R-001 Twenty-Four<800
Paul Picot
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Studio 1100<>650
Studio 1200<>650
Studio 42mm>820
Atelier Classic>700
Atelier Technicum>800
C Type 48mm>800
C Type Chrono>800
C-Type Day Date<>650
Firshire 2000>700
Firshire Classic<>650
Firshire Ronde Autodate<>650
Firshire Ronde Chronodate<>650
Firshire Ronde Extraflat<>650
Firshire Ronde Power Reserve<>650
Firshire Ronde Retrograde<>650
Firshire Tonneau 3000 Regulator<>650
Firshire Tonneau 3000 Regulator Ltd Edition<>650
Firshire Tonneau 3000 Retrograde<>650
Gentleman Chrono GMT>800
Gentleman Chronodate>800
Gentleman regulator<>650
Gentlemen Chrono GMT>800
Le Plongeur C-Type Chronograph>800
Le Plongeur C-Type Date<>650
Majestic Chrono>800
Majestic Chrono Rattrapante>800
Majestic Grand Tonneau>800
Majestic Reserve de Marche<>650
Technograph 100 Inter Milan>800
Technograph Discotime>800
Technograph Wild Slate>800
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All Models<>650
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Altiplano 1200 PG0A37128<1340
Altiplano 1208 PG0A35131<1340
Altiplano 1208 PG0A36138<1340
Altiplano 1208 PG0A37138<1340
Altiplano 1208P G0A35130<1340
Altiplano 38mm 1200 SG0A37132<1340
Altiplano 38mm 1200 SG0A38132<1340
Altiplano 38mm 1200 SG0A39133<1340
Altiplano 40mm 1205 PG0A38130<1340
Altiplano 40mm 1205 PG0A38139<1340
Altiplano 40mm 1205 PG0A39138<1340
Altiplano 40mm 1205P G0A38131<1340
Altiplano Chrono 8830P<>1080
Altiplano Skeleton 1200 DG0A38125<1340
Altiplano Ultimate Automatic<1340
Coussin Shape 880P G0A33144<>540
Coussin Shape 880P G0A33145<>450
Emperador 524P G0A32120>680
Emperador 524P G0A32121>680
Emperador 530P G0A34128>680
Emperador 534P G0A33075>680
Emperador 534P G0a33076>680
Emperador 551 PG0A33070>680
Emperador 551 PG0A33073>680
Emperador 551 PG0A33074>680
Emperador 551P G0A33069>680
Emperador Coussin 850P G0A32016<>1080
Emperador Coussin 850P G0A32017<>1080
Emperador Coussin 850P G0A32018<>1080
Emperador Coussin 850P G0A32020<>1080
Emperador Coussin XL 1270D G0A39039>1270
Emperador Coussin XL 1270D G0A39040>1270
Emperador Coussin XL 1270P G0A37040>1270
Emperador Coussin XL 1290P G0A38018<1340
Emperador Coussin XL 1290P G0A39020<1340
Emperador Coussin XL 1290P G0A39021<1340
Emperador Coussin XL 856P G0A35020<>1080
Emperador Coussin XL 856P G0A37020<>1080
Emperador Coussin XL LMoon 860 PG0A34022<>1080
Emperador Coussin XL Minute Repeater 1290P G0A38019<1340
Emperador Coussin XL Per Cal.855PG0A33019<>1080
Emperador Coussin XL Tourbillon 1270 PG0A38058>1270
Emperador Coussin XL Tourbillon 1270P G0A38041>1270
Emperador Coussin XL Tourbillon 1270P G0A38042>1270
Emperador Coussin XL Tourbillon 1270P G0A39042>1270
Governor 800 PG0A37110<>1080
Governor 800 PG0A37111<>1080
Governor 800P G0A38110<>1080
Governor 800P G0A39114<>1080
Governor Two counters chronograph 882P G0A37112<>540
Governor Two counters chronograph 882P G0A37113<>540
Governor Two counters chronograph 882P G0A38112<>540
Governor Two counters chronograph 882P G0A39115<>540
Limelight Round Shape 530P G0A29085>680
Limelight Tonneau Shape 562P G0A31057>680
Polo 530P G0A38028>680
Polo 881P G0A35112<>540
Polo 881P G0A38102<>540
Polo Fortyfive 800P G0A34011<>540
Polo Fortyfive 800P G0A37003<>540
Polo Fortyfive 880P G0A34002<>540
Polo Fortyfive 880P G0A37004<>540
Polo Gold Bracelet 504P G0A36223>680
Polo Men Strap 43mm 800P G0A38149<>1080
Polo Men Strap 43mm 800P G0A38159<>1080
Polo Men Strap 43mm 880P G0A38038<>1080
Polo Men Strap 43mm 880P G0A38039<>1080
Polo S Bucherer Blue Editions<>1080
Polo S G36PR200<>1080
Tie Inspiration Vintage 543P>680
Tonneau Shape 562P G0A32093>680
Raymond Weil
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Watch modelDirectionTurns
Don Giovanni Cosi Grande<>650
Don Giovanni Cosi Grande Two Time Zones<>650
Don Giovanni Cosi Grande jumping hour<>650
Freelance Chrono>800
Freelancer Chrono Black>800
Freelancer Chrono Titan>800
Freelance Diver<>650
Freelancer Lady Diamond<>650
Freelancer Lady Urban Black<>650
Freelance Simply Class>800
Freelance Urban Black>800
Maestro 35th Anniversary<>650
Maestro Beatles Limited<>650
Maestro Chrono<>650
Maestro moon phase<>650
Maestro Phase de Lunde Semainier<>650
Maestro Quantieme A Aiguille<>650
Maestro Retro<>650
Nabucco Automatic<>650
Nabucco Chrono>800
Nabucco Cuore Caldo>800
Nabucco Cuore Caldo Twelve>800
Nabucco Cuore Vivo>800
Nabucco GMT Steel lef or>650
Nabucco Intenso>800
Nabucco Inverso>800
Nabucco Rivoluzione>800
Nabucco Rivoluzione II>800
Nabucco Titan>800
Nabucco Titan 2010>800
Nabucco Va Pensiero>800
Parsifal Automatic<>650
Parsifal Automatic Reserve de Marche<>650
Parsifal Chronograph<>650
Parsifal Day Date<>650
Petite Seconde or Rose<>650
Revue Thommen
Watch modelDirectionTurns
THOMMEN Airspeed Big Date Flyback>800
THOMMEN Airspeed Day Date Flyback>800
THOMMEN Airspeed Flyback>800
THOMMEN Airspeed XL Chrono 2009<>650
THOMMEN Airspeed XLarge Power>800
THOMMEN Airspeed XXL Automatic<>650
THOMMEN Airspeed XXL Chronograph>800
THOMMEN Airspeed XXL Duograph>800
THOMMEN Airspeed XXL tachymeter<>650
THOMMEN Clarre Cambre Date Pointer<>650
THOMMEN Classic Date Pointer<>650
THOMMEN Ladies Automatic<>650
THOMMEN Specialties>820
THOMMEN Square Date>820
THOMMEN Square Skeleton>820
THOMMEN Tonneau>820
Richard Mille
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Caliber RM005<>741
Caliber RM007<>395
Caliber RM010<>741
Caliber RM011<>741
Caliber RM023<>741
Caliber RMAS7<>741
RM 005 Felipe Massa Skeletonized Automatic<>741
RM 007 Ladies Watch<>395
RM 010 Skeletonized Automatic<>741
RM 011 Felipe Massa Skeletonized Automatic<>741
RM 016 Skeletonized Automatic<>741
RM 023 automatic<>741
RM 028 Diver's Watch<>741
Roger Dubuis
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All Models<800
Watch modelDirectionTurns
All Models<>650
Romain Jerome
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Berlin DNA>800
Eyjafjallajökull DNA>670
Golf Master Time Hole In One<>650
Moon Dust Black Mood Chrono>800
Moon Dust DNA<>650
Moon Dust Red Mood Chrono>800
Moon Dust Red Mood Set Chrono>800
Moon Dust Steel Mood Chrono>800
Moon Dust Steel Mood DNA<>650
Moon Dust Steel Mood Orche<>650
Moon Dust Steel Mood Silver<>650
Moon Dust Steel Mood White<>650
Moon In Vater 40 Black Metal<>650
Moon In Vater 40 Black Metal Auto Set<>650
Moon In Vater 40 Ti<>650
Moon In Vater Black Metal<>650
Moon In Vater Black Metal Chrono>800
Moon Infather Eminence Grise<>650
Moon In Vater Eminence Grise Chrono>800
Moon invader heavy metal<>650
Moon In Vater Red Speed Metal<>650
Moon In Vater Red Speed Metal Chrono>800
Moon invader speed metal<>650
Moon In Vater Speed Metal Chrono>800
Moon Orbiter Speed Metal<>650
Pokemon tourbillon>800
RJ X Donkey Kong>800
Steampunk Chrono>800
T-oxy Chrono>800
T-oxy III Black a la Grande<>650
Tattoo DNA<>650
Titanic DNA Chrono>800
Ultimate Rust<>650
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Tag Heuer
Watch modelDirectionTurns
1000 meters (Specialist)<>650
2000 Aquagraph CN211A<>650
2000 Aquaracer Automatic Chronograph 2005>800
2000 Aquaracer Automatic WAB2010-WAB2011<>650
2000 Classic Automatic Chronograph 1998<>650
2000 Classic Automatic WK2116-WK2117<>650
2000 Exclusive Automatic Chronograph CN2110-CN2111-CN2112>800
2000 Exclusive Automatic WN2110-WN2111-WN2112<>650
2000 Exclusive Automati»»N2310- WN 2311>650
2000 Exclusive Gold WN5140<>650
2000 Series Classic Chronograph>800
4000 Automatic -1998<>650
6000 Chronograph Chronometer<>650
6000 Series Ladies>650
6000 Series Mens<>650
Aquagraph chronograph<>650
Aquaracer 300M Caliber 16 Ceramic>650
Aquaracer 300M Caliber5<>650
Aquaracer 500M Caliber 16 Full Black>800
Aquaracer 500M Caliber 16 Oracle Team USA>800
Aquaracer 500M Caliber5<>650
Aquaracer 500M Caliber5 ceramic<>650
Aquaracer 500M Caliber5 Full Black<>650
Aquaracer Aquagraph Chrono CN211A<>650
Aquaracer Caliber 5 Jeremy Lin<>650
Aquaracer Caliber 5 Phantom<>650
Aquaracer Chrono CAF2110-CAF2111-CAF2112>800
Aquaracer Lady Caliber 9<>650
Aquaracer Premier League SE<>650
Aquaracer WAF2010-WAF2110-WAF2111 WAF2112<>650
Aquaracer Woman WN2310-WN2311<>650
Aston Martin DBS Suoperleggera<>650
Autavia Caliber 5<>650
Autavia Chrono CY2110-CY2111<>650
Autavia Chrono H02<>650
Autavia Jack Heuer 85th H02<>650
Caliber 360 Concept Chronograph<>650
Carrera Automatic Chrono CV2110-CV2111-CV2113<>650
Carrera Automatic Chrono Tachymetre CV2010-CV2011>800
Carrera Automatic WV2115-WV2116<>650
Carrera Automatic WV211A-WV211B-WV5140<>650
Carrera Caliber 1 43mm<>800
Carrera Caliber 1 Full black Ceramic<>800
Carrera Caliber 1 RBR F1<>800
Carrera Caliber 16 Day Date Chrono>800
Carrera Caliber 16 Day Date Limited Edition Monaco GP>800
Carrera Caliber 16 Herritage Chrono>800
Carrera Caliber 16 Racing Chrono>800
Carrera Caliber 17 Jack W.Heuer<>650
Carrera Caliber 17 RS2 Limited Edition<>650
Carrera Caliber 18 39mm<>650
Carrera Caliber 1887<>800
Carrera Caliber 1887 Bullhead<>800
Carrera Caliber 1887 Chrono<>800
Carrera Caliber 1887 Heritage<>800
Carrera Caliber 1887 Jack Heuer<>800
Carrera Caliber 1887 McLaren<>800
Carrera Caliber 1887 Monaco GP<>800
Carrera Caliber 1887 Rose Gold<>800
Carrera Caliber 2 Chronometer Tourbillon<>650
Carrera Caliber 2 Heuer02T<>650
Carrera Caliber 2 Tourbillon Nanograph<>650
Carrera Caliber 36 Chronometer<>650
Carrera Caliber 36 Flyback<>650
Carrera Caliber 36 Flyback Racing<>650
Carrera Caliber 36 RS CALIPER<>650
Carrera Caliber 360 Rose Gold 2006<>650
Carrera Caliber 5 Ring Master Muhammad Ali<>650
Carrera Caliber 6 Formula 1<>650
Carrera Caliber 6 Herritage<>650
Carrera Caliber 7 Twin Time<>650
Carrera Caliber 80CH<>800
Carrera Chrono Tachymeter>800
Carrera Chrono Tachymeter Racing>800
Carrera Chronograph>800
Carrera Chronograph Limited Edition 1964>800
Carrera Grand Carrera RS<>650
Carrera Heritage>800
Carrera Heuer-01<>800
Carrera Heuer-01 Ayrton Senna<>800
Carrera Heuer-02<>800
Carrera Heuer-02 GMT<>800
Carrera Indy 500>800
Carrera MP4-12C Chrono<>650
Carrera MicroPendulumS<>800
Carrera Tachymetre Racing 2006>820
Carrera Twin Time<>650
Carrera Twin Time<>650
Carrera Tête de Vipere<>800
Formula 1 Bucherer Blue<>650
Formula 1 Caliber16 Chrono>800
Formula 1 David Guetta<>650
Grand Carrera Caliber 17RS<>650
Grand Carrera Caliber 6RS<>650
Grand Carrera Caliber 6RS Diamond Bezel<>650
This year 1 ManU<>800
This year 2 tourbillons<>650
This year Monaco Re-Edition Chrono<>650
Kirium Chrono CL5110<>650
Kirium Chronometer WL511-WL5118-WL5119<>650
Link Automatic<>650
Link Automatic Chronograph>800
Link Automatic Chronometer<>650
Link Caliber 16>800
Link Caliber 36 CT511 CT511B<>650
Link Caliber 5<>650
Link Caliber 6<>650
Link Caliber 6 COSC<>650
Link chronograph>800
Link Chronograph Caliber 16>800
Link Chronograph Caliber 17<>650
Link Chronometer Chronograph<>650
Link GMT<>650
Link Senna CT2115>800
Link tachymeter automatic>820
Link Tiger Woods Special Edition<>650
Micrograph 100<>650
Microtimer Flying 1000 Concept<>650
Monaco Automatic - 35th Anniversary Square<>650
Monaco Caliber 12 Automobile Club Monaco<>650
Monaco Caliber 12 Gulf Limited Edition<>650
Monaco Caliber 360 LS Concept 2006<>650
Monaco Chronograph Absolute White<>650
Monaco Chronograph Python<>650
Monaco Chronograph Steve McQueen<>650
Monaco Chronograph Vintage Limited Edition<>650
Monaco Steel Bracelet<>650
Monaco Steve McQueen 2009<>650
Monaco Twenty Four Caliber 36 Chrono Black Dial<>650
Monaco Twenty Four Concept 2009<>650
Monaco V4<>650
Monaco V4 Tourbillon<>650
Monaco Vintage 1969-1979 Limited<>650
Monaco Vintage 1979-1989 Limited<>650
Monaco Vintage Limited Edition 2006<>650
Monaco Vintage Limited Edition 2010<>650
Monza Automatic Chrono CR2113-CR2114-CR514A<>650
Monza Automatic WR2110<>650
Monza Caliber 17 Chrono<>650
Monza Caliber 36 Chrono<>650
SLR Caliber S<>650
SLR chronograph<>650
SLR for Mercedes-Benz<>650
SLR for Mercedes-Benz Limited Edition<>650
Sports Elegance Chronograph>800
Sports Elegance Chronograph (1987-1998)>800
Sports Elegance Chronometer (1987-1998)<>650
Sports Elegance Ladies>700
Sports Elegance Ladies (1987-1998)>650
Sports Elegance Leather (1987-1998)<>650
Targo Florio Chrono CX2112<>650
Tiffany & Co.
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Atlas Chronograph (2009)>800
Atlas Chronometer: 12627475, 12627483<>650
Atlas Perpetual Calendar<>650
Grand Automatic>650-800
Mark Collection Automatic<>650
Mark Collection Automatic Moonphase<>650
Mark T-57 Chronograph<>650
Mark T-57 chronometer<>650
Mark T-57 Tri-Retrograde Chronograph>800
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Automatics III – T065.430<>650
Ballade 2000, Gent, Steel or Steel/PVD: T39.<>650
Ballade 2000, Small Lady, Steel or Steel/PVD or PL5M: T39.<>650
Ballade III Automatic: T97.1<>650
Bridgeport Automatic – T045.207<>650
Bridgeport Automatic – T045.407<>650
Bridgeport Automatic – T045.427>800
Bridgeport Automatic – T71.1.467.13>800
Bridgeport Automatic T71.0.427.33>800
Bridgeport, Ghent, 18 ct gold: T71.3.435.33>800
Carson Automatic – T068.427<800
Carson Automatic – T907.407<>650
Carson Automatic – T95.1<>650
Carson Automatic – T95.2<>650
Carson Automatic Gold – T71.3.468.33<>650
Carson Gent, Gold: T71.2.430/438 or T71.3.430/438<>650
Carson Lady: T95.2<>650
Chronograph Valjoux – T29.1.438.13>800
Classic Gent Automatic – T912.428<>650
1Couturier Automatic – T035.207<>650
Couturier Automatic – T035.407<>650
Couturier Automatic – T035.627<800
Couturier Chrono Valjoux – T.035.614>800
Heritage 150 Automatic – T66.1<>650
Heritage 150 Automatic Chronograph – T66.1<>650
Heritage 150 Chronometer: T71<>650
Heritage 150th Anniversary Automatic Ltd. Edition – T66.1.721.31, T71.3.440<>650
Heritage 150th Anniversary Automatic Ltd. Edition – T66.1.722.31, T71.3.49.31<>650
Heritage 2008<>650
Heritage 2009 Automatic Gold Ltd. Edition – T904.432.76.051.00>800
Heritage 2009 Chronometer Chronograph>800
Heritage Navigator Automatic 160th Anniversary – T.078.641<>650
Heritage PR516 Automatic – T071.430<>650
Heritage Sovereign Automatic – T66.1.723<>650
Heritage Sovereign, Gent Steel: T66.1<>650
Heritage Visodate 1957 Automatic – T0194<>650
Heritage Visodate Automatic – T019.430<>650
Lady Heart Automatic – T050.207<>650
Le Locle Automatic – T006.424<>650
Le Locle Automatic – T006.707<>650
Le Locle Automatic – T41.1, T41.2<>650
Le Locle Automatic – T41.5<>650
Le Locle Automatic COSC – T006.408<>650
Le Locle, Gent Steel Chronograph: T41>800
Luxury Automatic – T086.207<800
Luxury Automatic – T086.208<800
Luxury Automatic – T086.407<800
Luxury Automatic – T086.408<800
Oroville Automatic – T71.8<>650
PA 50 Automatic (Small Lady): T34<>650
PR 100 Automatic – T049.307<>650
PR 100 X, Gent, Steel or Steel/PL10M: T14<>650
PR 100 X, Small Lady, Steel or Steel/PL10M: T14<>650
PR 50 2000, Gent, Steel or Steel/PL5M: T34<>650
PR 50 2000, Lady ,Steel or Small Lady, Steel or Steel/PL5M: T34<>650
PR 50 Automatic<>650
PR 516 – T044<>650
PR 516 Valjoux>800
PRC 200 Automatic – T014, T044<>650
PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph – T014, T044.427<800
PRS 516 Automatic<>650
PRS 516 Automatic Chronograph Valjoux>800
Quadrato Automatic – T005<>650
Quadrato Automatic Chronograph Valjoux: T005>800
Sculpture Line Chronograph – T.905.627>800
Seastar 1000 Automatic – T066.407<>650
Seastar 1000 Automatic – T066.414, T066.427>800
Seastar 660 Automatic – T19<>650
T-Lord Automatic – T059.507<>650
T-Lord Automatic – T059.527>800
T-Lord Automatic – T059.528<>650
T-Lord, Gent Steel – T54.1<>650
T-Lord, Gent Steel Chronograph: T54.1>800
T-Navigator Automatic – T062.427<800
T-Navigator Automatic – T062.430<>650
T-One – T038,430<>650
T-One Automatic – T038.007<>650
T-Race Automatic – T048.427<800
T-Race Chronograph Valjoux (Moto GP 2009): T027>800
T-Race Moto GP Ltd. 2012 – T048.27<800
T-Sport Veloci-T<800
T-Tempo Automatic – T060.407<>650
T-Tempo Automatic COSC – T060.408<>650
TXL / TXS – T60.1<>650
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Aeronaut: 20200<>650
Archeo: 30110<>650
Chronautic Chronograph: 79380P>800
Chronograph “Big Block”: 79180>800
Chronograph “Monte Carlo”: 94210>800
Clair De Rose – 35100, 35101<>650
Classic Date: 21010, 21013, 22010, 22013, 79400, 79410<>650
Classic Day-Date: 23010, 23013<>650
Classic Lady Diamonds: 79420P, 79430P, 79440P<>650
Fastrider – 42000>800
Glamor Date – 53000, 53003, 53010, 55000, 55003, 55010<>650
Glamor Date 31mm – 53020, 53023<>650
Glamor Date 36mm – 55020, 55023<>650
Glamor Date Day: 56000, 56003, 56010<>650
Glamor Double Date – 57000, 57003<>650
Gran Tour – 20050, 20050N<>650
Gran Tour Chrono: 20350, 20530N>800
Grantour Chrono Flyback – 20550N, 20551N<>650
Heritage Advisor – 79620T<>650
Heritage Black Bay – 79220R<>650
Heritage Chrono – 70330N<>650
Heritage Chronograph: 70330N>800
Hydro 1200: 25000<>650
Hydronaut II – 20030, 20040, 20060, 24030, 24040, 24060<>650
Hydronaut II Chronograph: 20360>800
Iconaut Chronograph: 20400>800
Lady Chrono: 20310>800
Oysterdate Automatic Chrono Time – 94300>800
Pelagos – 25500TN<>650
Prince Date Chronograph: 79280>800
Prince Date Hydronaut: 89190<>650
Prince Date Lady Sub: 96093<>650
Prince Date Mini Sub: 73290<>650
Prince Date Submariner: 75190 ST<>650
Speed / Sport Chronograph – 20300>800
Sport Date: 20010, 20013, 20020, 20023<>650
Tiger Chronograph: 79260>800
Ulysses Nardin
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Aqua 24 (254-26)<>650
Acqua Perpetual Ltd. edition<>650
Anniversary 160>700
Astrolabe G. Galileo<>650
BDU chronometers<>650
Berlin 1+1>800
Big Unit Chronograph Ltd. edition<>650
Black Ocean Ltd Ed.<>650
Black Sea<>650
Black Sea Chronograph<>650
Black Surf Ltd. Ed.<>650
Blue Max Ltd Ed.<>650
Blue Sea Ltd. edition<>650
Blue Seal Ltd. Ed.<>650
Blue Surf Ltd. Ed.<>650
Blue Wave Ltd. Ed.<>650
Caliber UN-106<>840
Caliber UN-118<>900
Caliber UN-12>650
Caliber UN-13<>650
Caliber UN-14>800
Caliber UN-15<>650
Caliber UN-16>800
Caliber UN-160>700
Caliber UN-17/18>800
Caliber UN-20/21/22/23<>650
Caliber UN-24 (Current Version)<>650
Caliber UN-25/26/27<>650
Caliber UN-32/33<>800
Caliber UN-34/35/36<>650
Caliber UN-41/43<>650
Caliber UN-51/56<>650
Caliber UN-57/58/59/60>800
Caliber UN-610/611<>650
Caliber UN-66/67/67Si<>650
Caliber UN-71/75/76<>650
Caliber UN-80/810/815<>650
Caliber UN-82/827/829<>650
Caliber UN-83/87/88<>650
Caliber UN-90/91/92/93/95/96/97/98/99<>650
Caprice Butterfly Ltd. edition<>650
Champion's Diver Plushenko Ltd. edition<>650
Classico Ghent<>650
Classic Lady<>650
Classico Lady Luna<>650
Classico Ltd. Edition Santa Maria<>650
Classico Luna<>650
Diver Perpetual Ltd. Ed.<>650
Dual Time 42mm<>650
Dual time ladies<>650
Dual Time Ladies w/Small Seconds<>650
El Toro<>650
Executive Dual Time<>650
Executive Dual Time Lady<>650
GMT +/- Big Date<>650
GMT +/- Perpetual Calendar<>650
GMT +/- Perpetual Calendar Ltd. Ed.<>650
Golden Dream<>650
Hammerhead Shark Ltd. edition<>650
Hour Striker Erotica<>650
Hour Striker San Marco<>650
Kremlin set<>650
Lady Diver<>650
Lady Diver Starry Night<>650
Macho Palladium 950<>650
Marine Annual Calendar<>650
Marine Annual Chronograph<>650
Marine chronograph<>650
Marine Chronograph 38mm<>650
Marine Chronograph 40mm<>650
Marine chronometers<>650
Marine chronometer 1846<>650
Marine Chronometer Manufacture<>900
Marine Diver Chronometer<>650
Marine Perpetual Ltd. Ed.<>850
Maxi Chronometer Anniversary 160<>650
Maxi Marine Chronograph<>650
Maxi Marine Chronometer 41mm<>650
Maxi Marine Chronometer 43mm<>650
Maxi Marine Chronometer 43mm Sunil Gavaskar Ltd. edition<>650
Maxi Marine Diver<>650
Maxi Marine Diver Chronograph>800
Maxi Marine Diver Ltd. Ed.<>650
Maxi Marine Diver Titanium<>650
Michelangelo Big Date<>650
Michelangelo chronograph<>650
Michelangelo Gigante Chronometer<>650
Michelangelo Gigante Chronometer Ltd. Ed.<>650
Michelangelo Gigante UTC Dual Time<>650
Michelangelo Gigante UTC Dual Time Ltd. Ed.<>650
Michelangelo Moon phase>650
Michelangelo UTC<>650
Michelangelo UTC Dual Time<>650
Monaco Yacht Show Ltd. edition<>650
Moonstruck Ltd. edition<>840
Newton (151-22/23)<>650
Nina – Marine Chronometer 1846<>650
Perpetual Aqua<>850
Perpetual Ludwig<>850
Perpetual Ludwig Ltd Ed<>850
Pinta – Marine Diver 1846<>650
Planetarium Copernicus<>650
Quadrato Dual Time<>650
Quadrato Dual Time Perpetual<>850
San Marco alert>800
San Marco Big Date<>650
San Marco Big Date LE<>650
San Marco chronograph<>650
San Marco Chronometer<>650
San Marco Cloisonne<>650
San Marco Cloisonne – Achille<>650
San Marco Cloisonne – Frigate Shtandart<>650
San Marco Cloisonne – Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest<>650
San Marco Cloisonne – St. Basil Red Square<>650
San Marco Gigante<>650
San Marco GMT<>650
San Marco Lady>650
Santa Maria – Annual Calendar Chronograph<>650
Skeleton (w/cover)>800
Sonata Cathedral Dual Time<>650
Sonata Silicon Ltd. edition<>650
Sonata Streamline<>650
Spasskaya Tower<>650
St Cyr<>650
Great yacht club<>650
Tellurium J. Kepler Limited<>650
The Imperial St.-Petersburg<>650
Ulysses I<>650
Ulysse I Ltd. Ed.<>650
Universal Geneva
Watch modelDirectionTurns
Convertible micro rotor>820
Cirrus Automatic<>650
Caliber 88 and 89>800
Micro rotor>820
Micro rotor UG 101>820
Vacheron Constantine
Watch modelDirectionTurns
VACHERON CONSTANTIN Excellence Patrim Contemp.Retrogr.Day Date<>650
VACHERON CONSTANTIN Excellence board<>650
VACHERON CONSTANTIN Fiftysix Automatic<>800
VACHERON CONSTANTIN Fiftysix Day Date<>650
VACHERON CONSTANTIN Fiftysix Full Calendar<>800
VACHERON CONSTANTIN Fiftysix Full Calendar 2460<>650
VACHERON CONSTANTIN Fiftysix Tourbillon<>800
VACHERON CONSTANTIN Harmony Chrono Cal.3500<>670
Historiques Chronometre Royal – 47022<>650-950
Historiques Chronometre Royal 1907 – 86122<>650-950
Historiques Power Reserve – 47200<650-950
Historiques Toledo 1952 – 47300, 47550<>650-950
Historiques Toledo 1952 High Jewelry – 47650<>650-950
Historiques Ultra Fine 1968 – 43043<>650-950
Jubilees 1755<>650-950
Les Complications 31-day Retrograding Calendar – 47245<>650-950
Les Complications Mercator – 43050<>650-950
Les Complications Patrimony Power Reserve – 47200<>650-950
Les Complications Retro 245 – 47245<>650-950
Les Complications Saltarello – 43041<>650-950
Les Essentielles Automatic – 42100>650-950
Les Essentielles L'Anglaise – 47002<>650-950
Les Essentielles Skeleton Watch for Men – 43502<>650-950
Les Essentielles Toledo 1952 – 42100>650-950
Les Historiques Chronometre Royal 47022<>650
Les Historiques Power Reserve 47200<650
Les Masques Edition 2009 – China<>650-950
Les Masques Edition 2009 – Gabon<>650-950
Les Masques Edition 2009 – Indonesia-Lombok<>650-950
Les Masques Edition 2009 – Mexico<>650-950
Les Univers Infinis<>650
Painted Automatique Squelette<>650
Malte Chronograph – 49180>800
Malte Dual Time – 47400<>650-950
Malte Dual Time Diamond Set – 47700<>650-950
Malte Dual Time Regulator – 42005<800
Malte Grand Date 42015>650
Malte Large Calendar Watch – 42015>650
Painted Minute Repetition Perpetual Calendar<>650
Malte Openface Retrograde Perpetual Calendar – 47032<>650-950
Malte Openworked Model – 43080, 43580<>650-950
Malte Openworked Reference 43581<>650
Malte Retrograde Perpetual Calendar – 47031<>650-950
Painted Perpetual Calendar Retrograde<>650
Painted Perpetual Dualtime<650
Painted Royal Eagle Big Date<650
Painted Royal Eagle Dualtime<650
Malte Skeleton Large Model – 43080<>650-950
Malte Tonneau Chronograph – 49145>800
Malte Tonneau Day Date – 42008, 42508<800
Malte Tonneau Dual Time – 47400<>650-950
Mercator Automatique<>650
Metiers D'Art Les Univers Infinis-Dove – 86222<>650-950
Metiers D'Art Les Univers Infinis-Fish – 86222<>650-950
Metiers D'Art Les Univers Infinis Shell - 86222<>650-950
Metiers D'Art Tribute to Great Explorers / Christopher Columbus – 47070<>650-950
Metiers D'Art Tribute to Great Explorers / Marco Polo – 47070<>650-950
Overseas 42mm 1137>800
Overseas 42mm 47040<>650
Overseas Big Size 47040<>650
Overseas Chrono 1136 QP>800
Overseas Chronograph – 49140, 49150>800
Overseas Chrono Boutique New York>800
Overseas Chronograph Perpetual Calendar “Boutiques Exclusive” – 49020>800
Overseas Chronometer – 42042 / 423A<800
Overseas Date Self-Winding 42mm – 47040<>650-950
Overseas Dual Time>650
Overseas Dual Time – 47450<>650-950
Overseas Dual Time Diamond Set - 47551<>650-950
Overseas Quantieme Simple<>650
Overseas for Women – 12050<650-950
Overseas Women 1226<>650
Overseas Worldtime<>650
Overseas Large Model – 47040<>650-950
Overseas Small Model Date Self-Winding – 47560<>650-950
Overseas USA Special Edition Chronograph>800
Patrimony Automatique>650
Patrimony Bi Retrograde<>650
Patrimony Birds of Audubon<>650
Patrimony 31-day Retrograding Calendar – 47245<>650-950
Patrimony Chronometer Royal – 47022<>650-950
Patrimony Class<>650
Patrimony Contemporaine Bi-Retro<>650
Patrimony Exploratuers<>650
Patrimony Moon Phase Retrograde<>650
Patrimony Perpetual Calendar 43032<>650
Patrimony Contemporary Date Self-Winding – 85180<>650-950
Patrimony Contemporaine Perpetual Calendar – 43175<>650-950
Patrimony Perpetual Chronograph<>650
Patrimony Perpetual Squelette<>650
Patrimony Contemporaine Retrograde Day & Date – 86020<>650-950
Patrimony Date Calendar Power Reserve Model – 47200<>650-950
Patrimony Perpetual Calendar – 43032<>650-950
Patrimony Power Reserve – 47200<>650-950
Patrimony Retrograde 245<>650
Patrimony Self-Winding Men's Model – 42002>650-950
Patrimony Squelette<>650
Patrimony Toledo 1952 – 47300<>650-950
Patrimony Toledo Date>650
Patrimony Toledo Medium Size>650
Patrimony Traditional Car<>650
Patrimony Traditional Date Self-Winding – 87172<>650
Patrimony Traditional Openworked Perpetual Calendar - 43172<>650-950
Patrimony Traditional Openworked Self-Winding - 43178<>650-950
Patrimony Traditional World Time – 86060<>650-950
Patrimony Tribute to Great Explorers – 47070<>650-950
Phidias for Men – 48010 / 48020<650-950
Phidias for Women – 16010 / 16020<650-950
Quai de L'ile<>650
Quai de L'ile Date Self-Winding – 86050<>650-950
Quai de L'ile Tantal<>650
Quai de L'ile Day-Date and Power Reserve Self-Winding – 85050<>650-950
Quai De L'ile Retrograde Annual Calendar – 86040<>650-950
Royal Eagle Chronograph – 49145>800
Royal Eagle Day Date – 42008<800
To and Fro Calendar Watch – 47247<>650-950
Toledo 1952 47300<>650
Toledo 1952 47550<>650
Toledo 1952 High Jewelry 47650<>650
Tribute to Great Explorers 47070<>650
Van Cleef & Appels
Watch modelDirectionTurns
ARPELS Heure d ici & Heure da illeurs>670
ARPELS Lady Arpels Papillon>670
ARPELS Mr Arpels Reveil<>800
Watch modelDirectionTurns